Mail Announcement to Leo3 + Leo3 Users 23 October 2015

Dear users of Leo3 and Leo3e,

The maintenance work for the compute clusters Leo3 and Leo3e has been successfully completed. Please note the following changes:

  1. Data in your $HOME directories has been migrated to a new file server. Snapshot policies (backup copies under .snapshot) are the same, but existing snaphots have not been migrated. If you need access to versions of your files prior to 23 October, please contact HPC staff.

  2. Passwords of Leo3 and Leo3e have been unified. If you have changed your password on Leo3e, this password will be also valid on Leo3, otherwise your current Leo3 password will work on both clusters. The Leo3+Leo3e password is still distinct from your centrally managed password for most UIBK applications (e.g. Mail).

  3. To improve placement of jobs with special requirements (fast turnaround times or large memory), in addition to the existing std.q queue, the queues short.q (run time 10h) and bigmem.q (restricted to the large nodes) have been added to Leo3e. The short.q also exists on Leo3.
    IMPORTANT For the time being, please specify the requested queue (using the -q queue_name option, where queue_name is one of std.q, short.q, or bigmem.q) in all of your jobs, lest your jobs be randomly placed on any node, causing early termination or starvation of large jobs. We plan to improve this by defining a default queue. Documentation will be updated in the next few days.

  4. Multiple security, bug fix, and stability updates have been installed to OS Software and storage subsystems.

Known Problems

  1. SOLVED (23.10.2015, 17:11): Passwords can currently only be changed on Leo3e. Changes are, however, immediately effective on both clusters.

Please occasionally return to this page for updates.

Sincerely, your HPC team.

Changes to this text

  • (2015-11-18) Added hint for -q queue_name argument to qsub

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