Singularity Workshop 2018


This is a one-afternoon workshop to help get users who are interested in User Defined Software Environments going on the Singularity software container solution.

In 4 hours, we cover the following topics in theory and with hands-on exercises:

  • Understanding Singularity containers
  • Singularity and other container solutions
  • Setting up manually and using containers
  • Automating setup of containers
  • Using containers on HPC clusters, including MPI

Dates and Location

All sessions will take place in the ZID Seminar Room, Technikerstraße 23, upper floor.

Depending on the number of interested persons, the workshop will be held on up to four dates in November and December 2018:
08 Nov, 29 Nov, 06 Dec, 12 Dec, each 14:00-18:00.

Please fill in the UIBK Limesurvey Singularity Workshop 2018 Coordination poll to indicate your interest and your possible/preferred times.

Minimum number of participants each date: 4, maximum: 8 (this limit is not enforced by the poll - surplus entries will be put on a waiting list).

The poll will be closed on Monday, 05 November, 14:00. Then participants will be notified to the mail address they gave in the poll.

Intended audience

  1. Users of HPC systems who need to run individual software setups on more than one machine, in particular when your software is not easy to install:

    1. Many prerequisites, complex dependencies
    2. Need for particular (possibly outdated or pre-release) versions of individual software packages
    3. Colliding prerequisites
    4. Individualized setup
  2. Users who need to archive their particular software setup used to produce scientific results for documentation or reproducibility purposes.


You need to be comfortable using Linux on the command line (shell) level and should be familiar with basic software installation tasks.

A notebook PC capable of running an 8GB Linux virtual machine is required for the exercises in the workshop and can be rented from ZID user services Verleih und Vermietung von Geräten if you do not have your own machine.

Workshop Material

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