CTI - Computer Telephony Integration




The VoIP phone system can be integrated with IT systems in various ways. For example, you can use software phones ("softphones"), dial from within Outlook or from your browser or use it in your web applications. This integration is commonly referred to as CTI - "computer telephony integration".

Please note that you can only use these things from within the University of Innsbruck. If you want to access them from outside, you have to use the VPN connection of the University. For further information please visit  http://www.uibk.ac.at/zid/netz-komm/vpn/.

Einrichtung eines Softphone Klienten

To use softphones, you have to create a softphone from the phone administration web interface first: https://phone.uibk.ac.at. See the help on that page for further information on how to do this. 

Please not that a softphone access (e.g. sf-c12345-1) can only be used by one PC and one program at a time. If there is a chance of overlapping, please create additional access accounts.

Softphones are very similar to  logins with your number on any physical phone. However, there are some differences:

  • With your softphone accout you are always logged in with your number, there is no additional login or logout. However, you can make additional passive logins (using the number 33601).
  • There is no call lock. Use the screen lock of your PC instead.
  • Softphones are not configured automatically.

If you want to install a softphone on your computer, we highly recommend on all platforms:  http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html

To configure X-Lite for usage with our phone system, choose the menu Softphone and then the entry Account Settings. Enter your number as the acount name (you could also choose another name) and enter the following data in the section user details:

  • User ID: Your softphone access e.g. sf-c12345-1
  • Domain: voip.uibk.ac.at
  • Password: The Password of your softphone access.
  • Display Name: Your Name

The following image summarizes the settings:

X-Lite Einstellungen


Outlook Integration

For integration the phone system with Outlook, the program SIPTAPI is needed: http://www.ipcom.at/en/telephony/siptapi/. Download the latest Version from the following site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/siptapi/files/siptapi/ .

Depending on your Windows version, copy the file siptapi.tsp from the directory x64 (for 64-bit systems) or x86 (for 32-bit versions) to your Windows directory C:\Windows\System32\.

Download the file outlook-registry.reg. Add the entries in this file be double-clicking it.

Open the windows system settings and change to the phone and modem settings. Set the area code to 0 and the dial line access digit to 0.

SIPTAPI Systemsteuerung 1

On the advanced tab, add a new SIPTAPI Service Provider.

SIPTAPI Systemsteuerung Anbieter

Now choose Configure, to set the SIPTAPI settings. Use the following values:

  • SIP Domain: voip.uibk.ac.at
  • User: Your Softphone Access
  • Password: The Password of your softphone access
  • User's extension: 91019Your phone number

Please note the "91019" prefix that is necessary for your phone number!

SIPTAPI Einstellungen

Now start Outlook. Open the contact. Look for an icon More:

SIPTAPI Outlook Wählen

Now the windows dial dialog is opened. When it is first started, choose the dial options and make sure that SIPTAPI is selected as line:

SIPTAPI Outlook Wähloptionen

Now you can start a call:

SIPTAPI Outlook Wählfenster

If you choose the button to start the call, your phone should ring. As soon as you take the handset, your phone starts to dial the desired number.

Two things are important when entering the number in Outlook:

  • To make sure the contacts work on all systems, always enter the complete number, including the international code.
  • To make sure dialing works from within Outlook, always create your contacts with a space after the international code (+43)
  • E.g.: +43 512 507 12345


Dialing from Firefox andThunderbird

The program Telify (http://www.codepad.de/de/software/firefox-add-ons/telify.html) recognized phone numbers in web pages or mails and converts them to links. When you click these links, your phone rings. As soon as you take the handset, the number you selected is dialed. Telify is available for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

To install Telify, choose the menu entry Extras - Add-ons. In the new window choose Search Add-Ons and enter telify in the search window. If telify is not already installed, it is listed in the search results. Choose Install to install this add-on.

Firefox Addons telify Suche

After installation Firefox has to be restarted. The open Extras - Add-ons again. Choose Extensions on the left  and then choose telify fro the list and open the Settings to configure it.

Firefox Addons telify Einstellungen

Use the following settings:

  • Protocol  Own URL.
  • For a missing country code, use Dial directly.
  • As of the removal of the "+" sign, choose 00.
  • For your own URL, choose the following address: https://phone.uibk.ac.at/admin/call.php?target=$0&preferred=1
  • This URL automatically dials your primary phone number. If you experience any problems or explicitely want to use another of your numbers, use the following URL instead:
    Replase NR with your phone number (e.g. 12345).
  • As setting for for Open Link please choose in a new tab with focus.

The following image summarizes the settings:

telify Einstellungen

If you save and close your settings, phone numbers on web pages should be highlighted yellow now. Click on a link to dial the number:

telify automatische Nummernerkennung

If a phone number is not recognized, you can select it and click the right mouse button. You get a menu where you can select the target number using the menu entry "number selection" .

telify manuelle Nummernwahl

In both cases a new web page is opened, where you have to login (if you haven't logged once within the same browser session) using your user ID and password.  (You might want to save them and have Firefox complete the login form automatically, if you do not want to enter these data manually every time.) After logging in, your phone should call to initiate the call you selected. 

telify Status-Webseite
Web Application Integration 

The method described above for configuring telify can be used to integrate dialing within your web application (to make it independent from your browser and any installed add-ons).

Please note again that this can only be used within the University of Innsbruck. The link should therefore be set depending on the source IP address of your client.

Dialing from within the web application uses Shibboleth authentication. If your application also uses Shibboleth, the change to the dial page should be transparent, with no need to enter a password again.

Please use the following URL in your application: 

Replace NR with the desired target number. Please replace "+" with "00" for international numbes.

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