Mag. Ljubomir Bratić, MAS



 Education and Work Experience 

  • University of Innsbruck, Danube University Krems, Academy of fine Arts Vienna; German as second Language, Combination of Slavic Studies, Art History and Data Processing for the Humanities, Social Work and Social Management, 1995 MA (Innsbruck), 2002 Master of Advanced Studies (Krems)
  • 1992-95 Staff of the Foreigner Information Center Innsbruck
  • 1995-2002 and since 2010 Staff at the "Integrationshaus" Vienna
  • 2001-2004 Curative Member for the exhibition "Gastarbajteri. 40 Jahre Arbeitsmigration" (Wien Museum 2004)
  • 2005-2006 Curative Member at the project "remapping Mozart – Verborgene Geschichte(n)" part of the Mozart anniversary 2006
  • since 2013 Project Assistant at the FWF funded project "Deprovincializing Contemporary Austrian History. Migration and the transnational challenges to national historiographies (ca. 1960-today)" at the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Innsbruck


Fields of Research 

Art and Politics; Political Anti-Racism; Discourses of Racism and Anti-Racism in Austria; Migration History of Austria; Self-organization of Migrants; History, Strategies and Tactics of Self-organization; History of the former Yugoslavian Community in Austria, History of Anti-Racist NGOs in Austria


Selected Publications 

  • Politischer Antirassismus. Selbstorganisation, Historisierung als Strategie und diskursive Interventionen, Wien 2010
  • with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur/Andreas Görg, Politischer Antirassismus. Erfahrungen und Perspektiven, Wien 2004
  • with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur/Andreas Görg, Historisierung als Strategie. Positionen - Macht – Kritik, Wien 2004
  • Landschaften der Tat. Vermessung, Transformationen und Ambivalenzen des Antirassismus in Europa, St. Pölten 2002
  • with Eveline Viehböck, Die Zweite Generation. Migrantenjugendliche im deutschsprachigen Raum, Innsbruck 1994


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