Partnerships and Spin-offs

The University of Innsbruck possesses a participation model that distinguishes three forms:

 Research organizations

With the help of its research investment portfolio, the University strengthens the research location Tyrol and closes the gap between basic research and industrial application:

 Technology transfer organizations

Results of academic research are fed back to the economy and society with the help of technology transfer organizations, such as:

  • CAST - center for academic spin-offs tyrol
  • Uni-Holding - University Innsbruck holding company

 Commercial organizations

The commercial investment area is managed by the Uni-Holding. Its goal is to optimize the portfolio structure - ideally a balance between value and profit.

 Organization chart

work in progress!

The ultimate ambition of the participation management is to generate a lasting (effective) and profitable company growth.

Concerning technology transfer organizations the university is either the owner or majority owner, concerning commercial enterprises the university is always minority owner.

The strategy of participation contains guidelines and decision criteria for the start-up, the design and the continuity of participations.

The holding of the University of Innsbruck offers monitoring (support) of companies by an active management of participation.



Mag. Alexandra Hamm-Riedler (DW 34412)

Consultancy  Mag. Klaus Grössinger (DW 34413)