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800727 How to apply for and land the job you really want
Lecturer: Birgit Pitscheider, 2 semester hours / 2.5 ECTS

Course Language: English


Students will prepare for the application process. During the course students will learn to assess and present their individual strengths and skills. They will create a visually appealing, powerful and persuasive alternative CV and they will practice for a successful job interview. The course focus will be on each participant’s authentic and effective self-presentation.



800715 Creativity Training

Lecturer: Johann Gatt, 2 semester hours / 2.5 ECTS

Course Language: English


While most people would not describe themselves as "creative", still, they are required to solve problems creatively, to generate new ideas on a regular basis and to practice thinking "outside the box". Contrary to general belief, these skills can be trained. This course introduces students to a number of techniques that will open up their creative potential (systematic brainstorming, divergent and lateral thinking, creative problem solving, creativity and group dynamics …).



800716 Strategic Communication Skills

Lecturer: Johann Gatt, 2 semester hours / 2.5 ECTS

Course Language: English


Successful interaction with people frequently requires the skill to influence their attitudes, emotions, thoughts and behavioral patterns. Making people "see your point and agree to it" requires solid knowledge of how those patterns work and how they can be changed. Students will be introduced to the possibilities offered by mindsetting, persuasion techniques, self-fulfilling prophesies, context framing, attention getters and expectation management.



800770 Kultur- und Wirtschaftsraum Spanien/Lateinamerika
Vortragender: Mario Soto-Delgado, 2 SSt. / 2,5 ECTS

Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch


Die Lehrveranstaltung richtet sich an Masterstudierende ohne Vorkenntnisse der spanischen Sprache, die Interesse an diesem Kultur- und Wirtschaftsraum haben. Der Umgang mit dem Eigenen und Fremden sowie die Sensibilisierung für die vielfältigen Aspekte kulturspezifischer Kommunikation bilden dabei Hauptaspekte. Die Studierenden lernen kulturelle Spielregeln kennen, wenden diese an und gewinnen Sicherheit im Umgang mit dem Kulturkreis Lateinamerika/Spanien. Nach Abschluss der Lehrveranstaltung beherrschen die Studierenden eine Reihe von nützlichen Phrasen auf Spanisch und finden sich in einfachen Kommunikationssituationen zurecht.