Maristany de Drexel, Cecilia

Business Spanish I und II

Room 02.11
Tel: 71528

Office hours by appointment


Born in Córdoba (Argentina). There I studied Spanish Linguistics
and Latin.  Taught 3 years at a grammar school. Went to Madrid in 1983
to study further at the Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana.
Came to Austria in 1985.
Was employed in adult education for many years. I am fond of new didactical and pedagogical methods of teaching languages.
Auto-suggestability and holistic learning course completed in 1992.

Have been at the IOL, Business Languages Unit since 1990. In addition: Language courses at various Institutes, courses for language teachers; translation work.
Hobbies: Travel (Latin America), reading, cooking, dancing, theatre (actively as well!)