Placement Test

wintersemester 2022/23


All placement tests will take place online.


Wednesday, 27.09.2023


Thursday, 28.09.2023


A registration for every individual test is required.

The registration period is open now.
Closing date: Tuesday, 26.09.2023, 11:59 p.m. (midnight)




  Date Time Language Examiner E-Mail (in case of questions)  
   27.09.  11:00 Spanisch Cabaleiro  
                     14:00 Englisch Papic  

                              28.09.  11:00 Französisch Bailleul
     14:00 Italienisch Belgrano  




After the registration deadline you will be added to the placement test in OLAT and will receive a notification about that. Furthermore you will receive you will receive an e-mail about the exact procedure of the exam from the respective examiner.

Within 2 hours after the exam you will receive a notification about the result of the placement test and you can register for the class.


Content of the placement test:

Sample test English

Sample test French

Sample test Italian

Sample test Spanish

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