Business languages unit: Registration for Placement test Level II


Registration by Monday, 28.09.2020 18:00

This writen placement test for Level II is for all languages offered except Russian.

Please note that as of SS 2015 we do not differentiate between South Tyroleans and non-South Tyroleans. The grading is based only on the language competence. For this reason from summer term 2015 on there is only one Italian placement test for module 2.

For successive semesters this placement test is only for those students, who have not completed Level I in the appropriate language. 

Please note: Those who have successfully completed a Level I course are automatically qualified for Level II of this language. 






Studienkennzahl: (zB 155)

Semester: (zB 1)

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Next dates::

Business French II               (Wed.) 30.09.2020 9:00 – 10:00   AULA SoWi

Business English II              (Wed.) 30.09.2020 10:30 – 13:00   AULA SoWi

Business Spanish II             (Thurs.) 01.10.2020 9:00 – 10:00  Madonnensaal Theology

Business Italian II                (Thurs.)01.10.2020 10:30 -  11:30   Madonnensaal Theology


Contents of the placement test:

Based on the niveau of the example tests and for Italian on the book "Wirtschaftsitalienisch / L'italiano dell' economia" Haring-Bruzzichini (Oldenbourg Publishers 2010, 3. edition), chapters 1-6.
Example Italian test here

French information here

Example French test here

Example Spanish test here 

Example English test here

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