Thermomicroscopy and Polymorphism in Theory and Practice

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Start 17 February - 19 February 2021
Duration 2 ½ days
Cost* Industry / Business: 950,- EUR
Academia: 720,- EUR
External Students: 380,- EUR
Qualification Confirmation of Participation from the University of Innsbruck
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Seminar Director

Prof. Ulrich Griesserao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Ulrich Griesser
Department of Pharmacy




Dr. Doris BraunMag. Dr. Doris Braun
Department of Pharmacy






ADir. Ing. Elisabeth Gstrein
Institute of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
Innrain 80/82
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-58403      



Institute of Pharmacy
Innrain 52c
6020 Innsbruck 

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Content and target

The seminar offers a balanced mix of theory and practice. To better understand the practical seminar contents, basic information about the instrumentation, optical properties of crystals, relevant crystallization and solid-state phenomena etc. is conveyed in lectures supported with extensive video and picture material. The practical training includes the use of a hot stage microscope and the hot bench, different preparation techniques, precise determination of fusion data, generation of polymorphs and co-crystals, growth of single crystals from the melt and much more.


Target Group

The seminar imparts practical skills and expertise for analysing solid-state properties of small organic molecules with the aid of a hot stage microscope and is designed for students, lab technicians and advanced scientists dealing with material properties of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals or other fine chemicals. The training will particularly benefit those who deal with preformulation studies, polymorph screening, crystal engineering, co-crystallization and other materials science aspects of small organic molecules.




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