SPACE EuroBusiness Diploma (EBD) (in englischer Sprache)

EuroBusiness Diploma for Bachelor of Economic Sciences (Management and Economics) offers an additional qualification to students who have reached a higher educational level resulting from either

  • a formal education leading to a specific qualification
  • dual training
  • work experience

The EBD is designed to equip students with an understanding of European business and of general economic concepts, together with a solid basis in marketing. The EBD is also designed to enhance international competence and cross-cultural awareness.  Students will have to gain information technology skills.

Diploma or Certificate?

 The SPACE EBD exam consists of the following events: 

  1. A “Day at the Office” :    5 mandatory subjects – written part - 6 hours  –  in English
  2. A “Business Dialogue” :    5 mandatory subjects – oral part – 30 minutes – in English
  3. A written project and an oral exam in at least one elective – in English or in corresponding foreign business language

The certificate may be issued by the home institution for the completion of 1 and 2.

The EuroBusiness Diploma may be issued by SPACE for the completion of 1, 2 and 3.
Additional electives and work placement periods if any will be added to the SPACE EuroBusiness diploma.


Students have to be in the 3rd year of their studies (minimum completion of 16 modules - 120 ECTS credits) in the Bachelor of Economic Sciences (Management &Economics).

Overview of Subjects:  
(5 mandatory and 1 optional needed for European Business Diploma)

SPACE requirements   Innsbruck equivalents

Business English


Wirtschaftsenglisch 1 oder 2

International Marketing


Strategie & Marketing 
Zusatzliteratur in International Marketing

Business Economics


Theorie ökonomischer Entscheidungen 
Investition & Finanzierung

International Economics


Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen
real bzw. monetär oder
Economics of European Integration (SPACE) 

Organisation & Planning


Organisation & Personal


Business French


Wirtschaftsfranzösisch 1 oder 2

Business Spanish


Wirtschaftsspanisch 1 oder 2

Strategic Management


SBWL GL Unternehmensführung

Customer Relationships


SBWL VT Marketing

EU Studies


The European Union (SPACE)

Service Management


SBWL GL Tourismus & Dienstleistungswirtschaft

International Law



Transport & Logsitics


SBWL GL Produktionswirtschaft & Logistik

Market Communication


SBWL GL Marketing

Intercultural Communication


Intercultural Communication (SPACE)

ECTS means European Credit Transfer System points. ( of the Bologna Treaty) One full year of studies is = 60 ECTS. Student workload is the essential factor.  All mandatory subjects + one optional subject = 60 ECTS. All subjects taken = 120 ECTS

Examination Form & Structure

 “A day at the office” is a special examination structure designed to measure a combination of competencies rather that individualised skills and tools. Written business English is an integrated part of the examination. The candidate may bring written and electronic materials, but no internet access or connection to the outside is allowed during the "day at the office".

The Examination materials for the case examination are available to the examinees 48 hours before the 6-hour written examination. All written and electronic materials are allowed in the preparation period.

A Business Dialogue is the oral part of the examination in the mandatory subjects. During the 30-minute dialogue the students will discuss the elements of the “day at the office” paper and prove his/her interdisciplinary skills.

The business dialogue must be passed in the same exam period as the written “Day at the Office”. English oral is an integrated part of the examination.

Optional subjects have a synopsis examination, where the student is required to hand in a written report of min. 12 pages covering the findings and results of the student’s work.

A business dialogue examination of 20 minutes completes each optional. The dialogue here can be in the mother tongue if desired.

Candidates may take the mandatory examinations and the required one optional over two academic years. Extra optionals may be added later.

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