Metabarcoding of Trophic Interactions (MOTI)

Faculty Faculty of Biology
Duration / ECTS-Credits 1 semester / equal to 4 ECTS-Credits
Location University of Innsbruck
Period September 2020
Qualification Certificate from the University of Innsbruck
Cost* € 600.-
€ 540.- (reduced fee applies if the course is booked in combination with the MATI course in the same year) 
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Division for continuing education
Innrain 52f (Bruno-Sander-Haus)
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507–39402
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Course Director

Prof. Michael Traugottassoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Traugott
Department of Ecology


Participants of the MOTI course will be introduced into the field of metabarcoding of trophic interactions research with a special focus on NGS data processing and evaluation. Participants will get an overview on the current NGS technologies, the set up-of NGS-based DNA analyses and practically train the processing of NGS data sets.

This course will be taught in English.


Target Group

Graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers and technicians who wish to use next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques for their studies of trophic interactions and want to understand the bioinformatics tools for the processing of NGS data.

The course provides a methodological introduction and a hands-on training in bioinformatic analyses for beginners in the field of targeted amplicon sequencing. It aims at providing you with a basic understanding of the bioinformatic steps needed to process metabarcoding data.

A maximum of 20 participants will be allowed for the course. A first come, first served basis applies.


Contact und Information

Department of Ecology
assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Traugott
Technikerstr. 25
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-51670


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