Parallelization, Optimization and Debugging in High Performance Computing 

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Duration / ECTS-Credits 3 days / equal to 1 ECTS-Credit
Cost* € 300.-
Qualification Certificate from the University of Innsbruck
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Course Director

Prof. Thomas FahringerUniv.-Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Fahringer
Department of Computer Science






Philipp GschwandtnerPhilipp Gschwandtner, MSc PhD
Department of Computer Science





Philipp Gschwandtner, MSc PhD
Department of Computer Science
Technikerstraße 21a
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-53233



High Performance Programming with MPI

The participants learn to design, implement and optimize parallel programs using the MPI programming model for their own use cases in academia and industry. They study several approaches to solving a problem with MPI and selecting the best option with regard to performance, communication overhead, readability, and maintainability.

This course will be taught in English. 


Target Group

The target audience includes pre- and postdoc researchers at the University of Innsbruck, who require high computational power or performance-oriented programming for their scientific problems; furthermore, employees working at companies with high computational needs or complex problems that require parallelization; in addition, depending on registration numbers, master students of relevant curricula (e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics).


Qualification profile

Graduates are qualified to devise parallel programs for their scientific problems in academia and industry and produce high-quality implementations. They are able to evaluate several programming model and hardware architecture candidates, consider the respective advantages and disadvantages of each technology with regard to their specific use case, and choose the best option for realization.

Moreover, they are qualified to optimize their parallel programs analytically and empirically with regard to the specific properties of both their scientific problem and the chosen technologies in order to ensure high performance and efficiency.



Basic programming skills in C, C++ or Fortran are required, as well as working knowledge of Linux/Unix commands.


 The participants have to take care of their insurances
(health, accident and liability insurance) themselves.

*Payment terms and cancellation conditions

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