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Designing Future Realities is an open, transdisciplinary lab for anyone who wants to develop strategies and prototypes for a future living environment. The DFR course program is divided into three main areas: Discourse and Context, Technique and Process, and Design and Intervention. During the entire course, students have access to the modern prototyping labs of the Werkstätte Wattens and the University of Innsbruck.


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) from the University of Innsbruck

2 semesters/ 30 ECTS-Credits

12 October 2020

7.800 EUR


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Learning Outcomes

Graduates will have aquired knowledge and competencies in

  • the contemporary discourse of design, applied arts and aesthetics and its interrelation with societal and cultural dynamics;
  • the field of design, art and emerging technologies with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary precedents and applications;
  • the field of cross-disciplinary scientific research.

Target Group


  • with a thematically relevant diploma or bachelor programme or
  • other equivalent studies completed at a post-secondary educational institution.

In justified cases, persons, who do not meet the requirements mentioned above, can also be admitted if they have the appropriate competences due to their artistic and professional activities, experiences and body of work for at least three years.



Participants may apply online by submitting the following documents:

  • CV (in tabular form)
  • copy of a (Bachelor / Master) Diploma
  • motivation letter
  • extended portfolio of prior work
  • project proposal (which explains the artistic agenda, the precise project with timeline and list of required equipment, further information depending on project, such as drawings, storyboards, recordings, clips, etc...)


Julia Jenewein

Koordinationsstelle für universitäre Weiterbildung
Karl-Schönherr-Str. 3
6020 Innsbruck

  +43 512 507–39402


Barbara Dibona

Destination Wattens
Weisstraße 9
6112 Wattens

  +43 5224 55486-1


Academic Supervision

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Kristina Schinegger
Department of Design


Dr. Christian Teissl
Destination Wattens


The courses and workshops around Designing Future Realities are accompanied by renowned mentors and guest lecturers from Austria and abroad.

Organisational Information



I. VU 3 - Art, Design & Cross-Disciplinary Sciences

  • 12 October - 01 November 2020 - online

2. VU 3 - Art, Design & Environmental Challenges

  • 30 November - 20 December 2020 - online

3. VU 3 - Art, Design & Changing Societies

  • 08 March - 28 March 2021 - Destination Wattens

4. VU 3 - Art, Design & Emerging Technologies

  • 26 April - 16 May 2021- University of Innsbruck

Open design studio

EP 5 - "Base"

  • 08 February - 28 February 2021- Destination Wattens

EP 5 - "Project"

  • 12 March - 21 March 2021 - Destination Wattens
  • 03 May - 09 May 2021 - University of Innsbruck

Virtuell gallery of work

21 June - 27 June 2021



University of Innsbruck

Destination Wattens

Funding opportunities - mein.update

I. https://tbk.mci.edu/veranstaltungs/publicviewer/316070
2. https://tbk.mci.edu/veranstaltungs/publicviewer/316072
3. https://tbk.mci.edu/veranstaltungs/publicviewer/313365
4. https://tbk.mci.edu/veranstaltungs/publicviewer/313369

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