Tax Law, Accounting and Finances
Master of Laws


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Start 01 October 2021
Duration / ECTS-Credits 4 semester (PT*) / 75 ECTS-Credits
Cost** 10,000.- EUR
The attendance of single modules is possible for 500.- EUR per semester hour.
Degree Master of Laws (Tax and Accounting Law - LL.M.)
ISCED-F 0488 Inter-disc.progr. involving Business, Admin. and Law
Study Code UC 992 577
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Curriculum (2016)



Directors of the Continuing Education Programme

Prof. Reinhold BeiserUniv.-Prof. Dr. Reinhold Beiser
Tax consultant
Department of Company and Taxation Law




Dr. Peter PülzlV.-Ass. Mag. Mag. Dr. Peter Pülzl, MAS LL.M.
Tax consultant
Department of Company and Taxation Law




Prof. Klaus HilberProf. Mag. Mag. Dr. Klaus Hilber
Tax consultants and court-authorised experts





Susanne Hochschwarzer
Department of Company and Taxation Law
Innrain 36
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-83301



University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Schedules and Dates are found on the website of the programme.



Economic life has become so specialized that persons working in business professions in general and in the field of chartered public accountancy and tax consultancy, in particular tax law, accounting and finances, require additional economic and legal qualifications, which they can integrate into the knowledge acquired during their selected study programmes. Practice shows that previous university education provides only basic and sectional knowledge of these complex matters and disregard thematic relations. In particular there are more and more international standards which influence the development of the national legal system in many ways and this makes continuing education in this field inevitable. The continuing education programme aims at a practice-orientated legal and business education on an academic level for all, who want to qualify for a career in tax consultancy, tax law consultancy or auditing.


Target Group

  • Tax consultants
  • Commercial lawyers
  • Financial auditors
  • Candidates for the listed professions
  • Business consultants in the field of tax law
  • Persons working in tax-based professions and authorities 


Admission Requiremets

Admission to the continuing education programme requires a relevant diploma, master’s or bachelor’s degree or a relevant degree acquired at a recognized post-secondary educational institution home or abroad. A Diploma, Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Management and Economics acquired in Austria is in any case a relevant study programme.



  • Tax Law
  • Financial Accountancy and Profit Assessment
  • Accounting and Annual Audit
  • Company Law
  • Payroll Tax Law, Labour Law and Social Insurance Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Contract Design, Organisational Form and Corporate Valuation
  • Reorganisational Tax Law and International Tax Law
  • Corporation of Public Law, Foundation (Tax) Law and (Tax) Law of Associations
  • Management Accounting
  • Balance Sheet Analysis, Crisis Management and Financial Recovery Management
  • Financial Criminal Law and Law of Data Protection, Liability and Revenue Assurance




**Payment and cancellation conditions

Information on individual courses of the university education courses can be found in the course catalogue.
 Participation in a continuing education course requires admission as non-degree student.

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