Academic Supervision

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Friedrich Bauer
Department of Practical Theology


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Friedrich Bauer
Department of Practical Theology | University of Innsbruck

Mag. Raimund Eberharter
Department of Practical Theology | University of Innsbruck

Dipl. Rel. Päd. Lioba Hesse
Diocese of Feldkirch

Mag. Gudrun Guerrini
Diocese of Innsbruck

Mag. Roland Buemberger
Regens of the dioceses of Innsbruck and Feldkirch

Organisational Information


Schedule and dates are found on the website of the department.


University of Innsbruck and other educational centers.


Graduates of the continuing education programme acquire the following skills and competences, which must be combined for professional practice in the different fields of ecclesial action:

  • personal skills in critical self-reflection in the context of different dimensions of pastoral practice;
  • social skills in intersubjective contact with the different players of the respective community, for which one provides pastoral care;
  • spiritual competence to integrate heterogeneous practical pastoral experience into one’s own spiritual life;
  • theological competence to develop a contextually founded practical theology with the players of the local community;
  • methodical competence for carrying out the professional pastoral work according to the requirements of the respective local community;
  • institutional competence to independently act within the system logics of ecclesial organisation structures.


  • Introduction to the Pastoral Ministry
  • Professional Experience (650 hours / 26 ECTS-Credits)
  • Challenges of Pastoral Ministry
  • Pastoral Project
  • Structure and Person
  • Basic Dimensions of Pastoral Ministry
  • Final Paper (2 ECTS-Credits)


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General Information for the Registration for Continuing Education Programmes.

Participation in the university continuing education courses requires the admission as a non-degree student.

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