Intervention and Counselling for Sexual Issues

Faculty Faculty of Education
Duration / ECTS-Credits 4 semester / 60 ECTS-Credits
Location Schloss Hofen und Universität Innsbruck 
Degree Academic Expert for Counselling for Sexual Issues
ISCED-F 0923 Social Work and Counselling
Mode of Study Part-time
Study Code C 992 112
Cost € 1.743,- per semester
(exclusiv ÖH-fee - currently € 19,20 per semester)
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Curriculum (2012)




Director of the Continuing Education Programme

Prof. Josef AignerUniv.-Prof. I. R. Dr. Josef Christian Aigner
Institut für LehrerInnenbildung und Schulforschung

Josef Christian Aigner is Professor for Psychosocial Work and Psychoanalytical Educational Science, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist. He has passed his education in Sexual Therapy at the University Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf.
Publication: "Vorsicht Sexualität!". Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 2013.


The continuing education programmes of “Intervention and Counselling for Sexual Issues” and “Sexual Therapy” are scientific education offers for a field that in many professional areas (psychology, medicine, educational science, social work) is neglected: namely dealing professionally with questions of sexuality in counselling and therapy.

Although all of the mentioned science disciplines agree that sexuality and sexual experiences are central areas of life and experience, the thematic complex is only marginally considered in conventional academic curricula. Even in the psychotherapeutic education programmes questions of sexuality and sexual therapy are not considered to the extent required for giving colleagues the necessary confidence for dealing with these problems. The two continuing education programmes aim at tackling this problem.

With the programme at hand, the University of Innsbruck offers the first and at the moment only continuing education offer on sexology questions which earns its graduates an academic title.


Target Group / Prerequisites

  • Graduates of a bachelor or diploma study programme of social work, social pedagogy, educational science, psychology or medical science.
  • Psychotherapists in training under supervision and graduates of a subject -specific education according to the regulations of the psychotherapy law of the country of origin.
  • In justifyable individual cases or in case of several years (at least three years) of relevant professional experience the head of the programme can also agree to an admission without the requirements listed in no. 1 and 2, if university entrance qualification or the admission to the propedeutic studies in psychotherapy or a comparable qualification from abroad can be presented.



  • Historic / biographic approaches and cultural context and social change relating to sexual experiences and behaviours
  • Bio-psycho-social and sexual-medical diagnosis
  • Concepts and methods of sexual counselling
  • Different methodological approaches to human sexuality
  • Integrative treatment options for sexual dysfunctions including hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  • Sexual violence and work with offenders
  • Differential possibilities of sexual development: perversions, transsexuality and similar
  • Discriminated sexuality
  • Final seminar incl. final thesis


Contact und Information

Schloss Hofen - Wissenschaft & Weiterbildung
Dr. Elmar Fleisch
Petra Hieble
Hofer Straße 26
6911 Lochau
Tel.: +43 5574 4930-426 
Fax: +43 5574 4930-493


Information on the individual courses of the continuing education programmes is available in the course catalogue.
 Participation in a continuing education programme requires admissionas non-degree students.