German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language
Basic Programme

Enrolment until 31 July 2021 Programme enrolment
Start Ocotober 2021
Duration / ECTS-Credits 3 semester (PT*) / 60 ECTS-Credits
Cost** 4,500.- EUR
(exclusive ÖH-fee - currently 20.20 EUR per semester)
(payment will be in three pieces of 1,500.- EUR each before the start of semester)
Degree Akademische Expertin für Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Deutsch als Zweitsprache bzw.
Akademischer Experte für Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Deutsch als Zweitsprache
ISCED-F 0231 Language Acquisition
Study Code UC 992 815
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Curriculum - complete version (2020)***

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Director of the Continuing Education Programme

Prof. Monika Dannerer Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Dannerer
Department of German Studies




Veronika Achner
Division for continuing education
Karl-Schönherr-Straße 3
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-39401



University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Schedule and dates for Sommer semester 2021 (german)


***Information on the Curriculum



Teaching “German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language” is about imparting the German language and culture of the German-speaking countries from a perspective of foreignness. Besides of the diverse importance of multilingualism in mobile and global societies, the acquisition of the language of the majority of the society is also an important tool for successful integration. Teachers in this field have due to the legal specifications in the Austrian aliens law and the requirements of the job market and the schools a great responsibility.


Target Group

(Future) teachers of German as a Foreign and Second Language, who want to develop their competences and skills with regards to the fundamentals and the design of language lessons from the perspective of foreignness, in the field of testing and evaluating on a national, regional or institutional level as well as of the legal, political and cultural context.


Admission Requirements

Persons meeting the following prerequisites can be admitted to the programme:

  • graduates of a philological university study programme home or abroad,
  • graduates of a Bachelor’s teacher training programme in the subject of German or another living language at a teacher training college, teacher training academy or university home or abroad,
  • students, who have passed at least the first diploma exam of a philological study programme home or abroad and can proof having successfully passed courses corresponding to at least 60 ECTS-Credits in the fields of linguistics and/or foreign language didactics and other subject-specific courses of the second part of the studies corresponding to at least 60 ECTS-Credits,
  • applicants, who are qualified for entering a university and who have proof of at least five years of experience in teaching German as a Foreign Language and/or German as a Second Language amounting to a total of at least 450 hours (corresponding to 600 teaching units of 45 minutes each or 540 units of 50 minutes each).
  • In justified cases, people can be admitted who have the required skills due to their professional work, experience and achievements. This is particularly the case for people who can demonstrate at least ten years of relevant professional experience, also including managerial work.

Generally all applicants must have basic knowledge in the fields of the German linguistics and modern German literature.

Persons, the mother tongue of whom is not German, must proof knowledge of the German language. This proof can be: completion of a study programme in German Philology at an approved post-secondary educational institution, completion of a philological study programme at an approved post-secondary educational institution of the German-speaking area,a school leaving certificate from a school with German as language of tuition, internationally approved certificates of at least C1-level of the Common European Reference Frame (CERF).



  • Methodic-Didactic Fundamentals
  • Compulsory Module: Linguistic Fundamentals
  • Methodic-Didactic Skills I
  • Cultural Skills
  • German as a Second Language and Multilingualism
  • Methodic-Didactic Skills II


Final Thesis

  • Each participant of the continuing education programme must hand in a written paper amounting to 7.5 ECTS-Credits.
  • The final thesis must be written on a theme covered in modules 1 – 6 and is supervised and evaluated by the lecturer of the respective course.
  • Participants are entitled to suggest a supervisor from the available course lecturers to the course director in writing. The course director confirms the suggestion within a month of the receipt of the announcement if the suggested course lecturer can take on the supervision.



**Payment and cancellation conditions

Information on individual courses of the university education courses can be found in the course catalogue.
 Participation in a continuing education course requires admission as non-degree student.

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