Academic Supervision

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Dannerer
Department of German Studies


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Organisational Information


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University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Admission Requirements

Persons may be admitted to the continuing education programme who have passed the German as a Foreign Language/German as a Second Language continuing education programme (basic course) or an equivalent specific education AND who have successfully passed one of the following study programmes at a post-secondary educational institution home or abroad amounting to at least 180 ECTS-Credits:

  • study programme of German Philology or a modern foreign language,
  • Bachelor’s Secondary School Teacher Accreditation Programme I – New Secondary Schools at a Pedagogical University, or
  • a Bachelor’s Secondary School Teacher Programme (General Education) at a University in the subjects of German or a modern foreign language,

The academic supervisor decides on the equivalence of a specific education based on §3 para. 1.


  • Teaching Skills
  • Research in Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
  • Language and Culture
  • Course Design
  • Master’s Thesis (20 ECTS-Credits)

Master's Thesis

  • The Master’s Thesis is a scientific piece of work that proves the ability to work on a scientific topic in the field of German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language independently and in a justifiable way in terms of content and methodology.
  • The topic of the Master’s Thesis must be selected from one or several compulsory modules listed in §5. The students are entitled to propose a theme for their Master’s Thesis or to select one of a number of suggestions.
  • The thesis is supervised by subject-specific qualified lecturers of the continuous education programme. The graduates have to propose a supervisor from the available programme lecturers to the programme director as well as the theme selected in accordance with the resp. lecturer. This proposal can be made to the programme director at the end of the first semester at the earliest. The suggestion is deemed to have been accepted if the director of the continuous education programme expressly accepts it or does not veto is within a month.


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General Information for the Registration for Continuing Education Programmes

Participation in the university continuing education courses requires the
admission as a non-degree student.

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