Business Law - Corporate and Contract Law
Master of Laws

Enrolment Programme enrolment
Start 08 October 2021
Duration / ECTS-Credits 4 semester (PT*) / 90 ECTS-Credits
10,000.- EUR
(exclusiv ÖH fee- currently 20.20 EUR per semester)
Degree Master of Business Law (MBL)
ISCED-F 0421 Law
Study Code UC 992 575
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Curriculum - complete version (2018)***



Director of the Continuing Education Programme

Prof. Alexander SchopperUniv.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Alexander Schopper
Department of Company and Taxation Law





Mag. Thomas Krieglsteiner
Dean's Office: Faculty of Law
Innrain 52 (Christoph-Probst-Platz)
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 507-96128



University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

Schedule and dates are found on the website of the programme.


*** Information on the Curriculum (2018)



The continuing education course "Business Law - Corporate and Contract Law" imparts extra occupational knowledge and skills that go beyond the diploma study programme of law and have become essential in the modern juristic practice to already employed representatives of classic legal professions. Focus is not only on special knowledge of the time, but also on gaining the ability to adjust to future changes and novelties fast and efficiently, based on a profound knowledge of structures and methods, and to apply them successfully. The continuing education course of “Business Law - Corporate Law” is aimed at competent and flexible jurists that see changes as challenges not as obstacles.


Target Group

Jurists in traditional legal professions and in the economy.


Admission Requirements

Precondition for being admitted is the completion of a law or economic study programme at a university, which corresponds to the employment law according to §6a NO and §3 RAO.

The continuing education course of “Business Law - Corporate and Contract Law” is limited to 25 participants. The minimum number of participants for the course to take place is 15.

Should more than 25 persons apply for the continuing education course, the selection of the participants for the course is made based on objective criteria by the head of the course: relevant professional practice, prior education, motivation, balanced mixture of participants, etc.



Basic Modules (first semester)

  • Fundamentals of Business Law
  • Business and Company Law
  • European Law
  • Tax and Revenue Law
  • Accounting I

Advanced Modules (second to fourth semester)

  • Accounting II
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Private Foundations Law
  • International Private Law, E-Commerce Law
  • Real Property Law
  • Labour Law
  • English Legal Terminology
  • Insurance and Banking Law
  • Competition Law
  • Formation and Reorganisation of Businesses
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Businesses in Crisis




**Payment and cancellation conditions 
Information on individual courses of the university education courses can be found in the course catalogue.
 Participation in a continuing education course requires admission as non-degree student.

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