The European Union in the Global Economy (in englischer Sprache)

Modul KU  (7,5 ECTS)

This course was especially designed for business and economic academics, graduate students as well as bachelors with economic and statistic basics.
The European Union (the EU) is an unprecedented attempt of economic cooperation between 25 European countries. The backbone of this ambitious project is the Single Market, the common policies in various areas and the Economic and Monetary Union. The Single Market based on the four freedoms; free mobility of goods persons, capital and services integrate the markets between the Member States by diminishing differences of prices or market conditions between Member States. The common agricultural policy, the competition policy including rules for state aid and the common external trade policy provide the same playing field for companies and consumers through out the whole EU area. The Economic and Monetary Union (The EMU) establish a common macro economic framework for the subset of Member States which participate in the EMU. 


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