General terms and conditions of data use and delivery


“HYSEDAM” is an online-platform where hydraulic and morphologic data from sampling campaigns in Alpine rivers are provided. It is in the public domain and the provided data are freely available for any commercial or non-commercial use. Any use of the provided data strictly requires source citation with the operator(s) of the sample(s) as author(s), the data type as content and the sampling date(s) as publication date. Further the link to the data on the HYSEDAM-platform inlcuding the data of access has to be provided.
Any data provided on the HYSEDAM-platform are delivered in all conscience and based on the state-of-the-art concerning sampling techniques and data analysis. As well sampling operators and the provider of the HYSEDAM-platform assume no responsibility for general accuracy and validity of the data. Further they do not ensure applicability of the data for the specific purpose of the interested party.
Delivery of any data on the HYSEDAM-platform is in consultation with the adiminstration of the platform (see contact details). With the delivery of data the provider fully agrees to the conditions of free commercial and non-commercial use of the provided data and to the requested citation procedure. Further, the data provider confirms that the data are delivered in all conscience and with regard to standard methods in hydraulic engineering for sampling and analysis of hydraulic parameters and river-related sediments.


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