HYSEDAM - open source database of hydraulic measurements and morphologic samples


Overview and motivation

Hydraulic engineering projects and, more specifically, the application of numerical and physical scale models essentially require the availability and knowledge of hydraulic and morphologic data. These data contain information for the modelling of relevant processes, for the definition of model boundary conditions and flow conditions in the considered river reach and thereby mean important data for the calibration and validation of models in hydraulic engineering. Hydraulic data basically cover water levels at certain spots in the river, occuring flow velocities and the discharges in the water course. Flow resistance due the friction on the channel bed and the embankments is thereby characterized by roughness parameters. Morphologic data contain information of the grain size characteristics of the channel bed and the transported sediments and as well the quantity of the latter.

Within the project “HYSEDAM”, an online-platform is provided for the publication and exchange of available hydraulic and morphologic data in Alpine rivers. It is in the public domain and the provided data are freely available for everyone. In a first step, available measurement data of the University of Innsbruck are prepared, published and enlarged. According to the intention of the platform, available data from further research institutions, engineering offices or from official administration are further considered. By use of the provided data on the online-platform, future hydraulic engineering projects can be based also on the already available set of hydraulic and morphologic data for a specific river reach, finally resulting in a more efficient and high-quality project process.

The online-platform does not conflict with existing official geographical information systems. It means an important demanded addition to them.

The project "HYSEDAM" is funded by the Research Funds of the Tyrolean Regional Government (2017, GZ: UNI-0404-2135).

The HYSEDAM-platform is in a start-up phase. Further datasets on hydraulic and sediment-related parameters together with guidelines for sampling and data anlaysis are added regularly.

Dissemination and use of data at the HYSEDAM-platform is related to the general terms and conditions of data use and delivery. If you would like to support the project with its open data concept and provide your data of any kind of surveys and measurements in the field of hydraulic engineering for public use, this is highly appreciated. In case, please use the contact information for further information:


assoc.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Bernhard GEMS
University of Innsbruck, Unit of Hydraulic Engineering
Technikerstraße 13, 6020 - Innsbruck

  +43 512 507 62203

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