08.11.2012: Gastvortrag von Kevin Dooley (Hastings/Wien)

Gastvortrag von Kevin Dooley (Hastings/Wien) am 8.11.2012 "Haunting Space - Emerging Markets, Emerging Artists and the Working Class Specter"

(Talk in English, discussion in English and German)


The lecture/discussion will meander through some ideas and phenomena from a 'social factory perspective'. It's a perspective in which everyday life is hypothesized as the site of work and exploitation, so that the boundaries between categories such as culture and labour become blurred in a "factory without walls", a scenario whereby labour relations escaped the factory and subsumed all of society. It helps identify those moments when you're working for free, or even paying to work, and it reveals the ghosts of labour within every cultural artifact, showing that every exhibition is also a ghost. It also has the potential to ground a different and more broadly defined workers movement, and it provides a basis for a practical understanding of the current and enduring round of 'crisis' - an urgent task in times of austerity, cutbacks and the destruction of commons.


8.11.2012, 13.45, SR 40112

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