Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler

Responsibilities: Masters of Arts, and Dissertation

1. Ehrl Friedrich, Excavation of the Boys Workhouse at Blindis. Parish. St. Jakob in Defereggen, Lienz, East Tyrol (Master of Arts 1997).

2. Ransmayr Hans, The Obermauern Castle, East Tyrol. A contribution to  ceramic settlements in Tyrol (Master of Arts 1997).

3. Scientific and editorial support in courses of emanate works of  J. Kral, Chr. Terzer, J. Ullmann, P. Walcher, A. Zanesco, H. Stadler. A new approach to stove tile research in Tyrol. In: Tyrolean local Journal 4, 1995 118-124.

4. Ransmayr Hermine, A small discovery of a late medieval, to early modern period latrine in the Porcia Palace, Vienna (Master of Arts 1997).

5. Terzer Christian, The grave of the Price of Civezzano and the problems of Early Medieval wooden coffins (Master of Arts 1999). Printed in Nearchos supplement 6, 2001.

6. Wink Karsten, The use of plaster forms for the production of ceramic products, for example as found in the country side pottery of Höfer-Troger-Steger in Abfaltersbach, East Tyrol (stove ceramics excluded) East Tyrol (Master of Arts 2000). Partially printed:  Over the continuing Early Medieval concepts of curing sickness, as in personal vessels for Holy Water in Pustertal, South Tyrol, Italy. In: Markus Mayr (Hrsg.) From Golden Bones. Enconomy and Relics of the Middle Ages 2001, 22-27.

7. Scientific and editorial support in courses of emanate works of:  Hack Silvia,  Kaufer Christina,  Krösbacher Romana,   Marchhart Helga,  Müller Claudia,  Oberauer Christine. Short contributions of archaeology in East Tyrol. In: East Tyrolean local Journal. 8, 1997, 4 pg.

8. Konrad Anja, The Medieval and Early Modern Period, ceramics of the Castle Fussach, Vorarlberg, Tyrol (Master of Arts). Partially printed: The treasure of ceramic forms in Castle Fussach, of the Late Middle Ages, through to the Early Modern Period. Nearchos, 193-208.

Sole Responsibilities for Degree’s, Master of Arts,Dissertation and Habilitation

1. Linder Edith, Abandoned reservoirs as a waste disposal site, historic town centre (Dissertation 2006).

2. Kreinz Harald, Ruducing blazed goods of Schlossberg, Schlossberg by Seefeld in Tirol (Master of Arts 2002). Printed as Nearchos 15, 2007, 91-184.

3. Reitmeier Thomas, Discovery of non-ferous metal, bones, and glass of Schlossberg by Seefeld in Tirol (Master of Arts 2002). Printed as Nearchos 15, 2007, 209-250.

4. Torggler Armin, Excavation in the ruins of Greifenstein in Burggrafenamt, South Tyrol, Italy (Master of Arts 2006).

5. Ehrl Friedrich, Articles of a soldiers common day life in WW I. (Dissertation 2002).

6. Bauer Friedrich,  An archaeological witness of the Tyrolean 1809. War of Independence in the slaughter house, Kirchdorf in North Tyrol (Master of Arts 2006).

7. Terzer Christian, An archaeological find complex of the 13th – 16th Century in a warehouse in Bozen (Dissertation 2003). Printed as Nearchos 13, 2004.

8. Cassitti Patrick, Archaeological investigation on the castle grounds of "Bergfried von Heimfels". Parish Heinfels, East Tyrol (Master of Arts 2005). Partially Printed: Archaeological investigation in Heinfels. In: East Tyrolean local Journal. 5/2006, 1-4.

9. Thurner Peter, Archaeological investigation of a prison latrine in Kitzbühel, Tyrol (Master of Arts 2006).

10. Thurnherr Konstanze, Buttons from the excavation in cloister Muestair, Switzerland (Master of Arts 2006).

11. Rhomberg Harald, Crockery, discovered debris, as in the factory breakage pit at the Pottery "Geser’" Joehle 199, Egg/Bregenzerwald (Vorarlberg). A contribution to the "Geser" family run pottery business in the 18th – 19th Century (Master of Arts 2008).

12. Reitmaier Thomas, Medieval and Contemporary cultural wares, found in the waters of central and eastern Switzerland’s (Dissertation 2006). Monographic print as: Cargo sailing vessels of pre-industrial times in Switzerland. In: Swiss Contribution to Cultural History and Archaeology of the Middle Ages 35, Publisher: Swiss Castle Society, Basel 2008.

13. Walser Christoph, Hidden under the floor boards....  Floor cavity fillings in the Refectory of the Dominican Cloister, St. Peter (Bludenz/Vorarlberg) (Master of Arts 2009). Partialy printed in Robert Rollinger’s (Hg.), Montafon 2: Stettlements – Mining – Derelicts. From the Stone Age to the ende of the Middle Ages (The Montafon Region, Past and Present, Vol. 2), Schruns 2009, in preperation.

14. Tarcsay Kinga, Archaeological research of Glass production in the Early Modern Period. Sovereigns Reichenau am Freiwald, Lower Austria (Dissertation 2. Examiner, Wien 2006). Monographic print as Austrian, Discovery Report. Catalogue  A 19, 2008.

15. Kaltenberger Alice, Ceramic of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period in Upper Austria (Habilitation 2009). Study of the Cultural History of Upper Austria, Part 23/24, also Nearchos 17 & 18, 2009.

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