Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler

Research Projects and Performances

  1. Investigating countryside Roman constructions built on the outskirts of Aguntum (villa rustica, vicus, mansio) 1 BC – 6 AD. (joint coordination with Spindler, Mackensen, Kos).
    Schroettelhofer Field, Parish Oberdrauburg, Spittal on the Drau, Corinthia, Mortbichl, Parish Assling, East Tyrol, Lamprechtgarten, Upper Lienz, East Tyrol.
    Activities and Research status 2009: Field inspection and geomagnetic survey of Burial Campaigns 1996, 1997, 1998. Preliminary report see publication list Nr. 3.45.

  2. Settlements in the High Range Mountains. 2000 BC – 19 AD (joint coordination Holdermann, Schmidl).
    ‘Hirschbichl’, Parish St. Jakob, in Defereggental, East Tyrol, Lake Anraser, Pitschedboden, Alkus, Lake Alkuser, Ainet, Felbertauern Pass.
    Activities and working results, status 2009: Archaeological Surveys, Burial Campaigns see publication list Nr. 3.24, 45, preliminary report in print.

  3. Archaeology of Castles, Palaces and Fortresses 10th –20th Century (Project Manager). 
    Walchenstein, Iselsberg-Stronach, East Tyrol; Castle Bruck, Lienz, East Tyrol; Schloss Tirol, South Tyrol, Rabenstein ruin, Virgen, East Tyrol; Vellenberg, Goetzens, North Tyrol, Lengberg, Nikolsdorf, Easttyrol, Hoehlenburg  Herrenhauswand, Schwendt, North Tyrol; Hoehlenburg Alt-Finstermünz, Nauders North Tyrol, Tammerburg, Lienz, East Tyrol; Stetteneck, Groeden, Italy; Kiechlberg, Thaur, North Tyrol; Zienerbichl, Serfaus, North Tyrol, Kienburg, St. Johann in Wald, East Tyrol, Thurner Hof, Langkampfen, North Tyrol (completed publication), Saleich, Sothern France, Eben ruin, Inzing, North Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Archaeological Surveys, archaeological and dendrochronological investigation, Preliminary report, see Publication list M 1,3,4; 3. 38-39, 49, 50, 52-58, 63, 88, 98-99, 102, 113,114; Achieved Diploma and Dissertation.

  4. Archaeological Building Investigation of  Tyrolean Churches. 5th/6th – 19th Century (Project Manager).
    St. Georges, Kals, East Tyrol; St. Nicholas, Matrei, East Tyrol; St. Justina, Thal-Assling, East Tyrol; St. Martin in Bannberg, Assling, East Tyrol; Hofkirche, Innsbruck, North Tyrol, St. Johannis, Volders, North Tyrol; St. Vigilius Cathedral Trient. 
    Activities and working results 2009: Survey in the course of building renovations, excavation in the course of drainage, preliminary report  see publication list Nr. 3.11-14, 16,  30, 38, 43, 46, 48, 50, 64-66,78-79.

  5. Town Centre Research in Lienz, East Tyrol 13th – 16th Century (Project Manager).
    Excavations in the region of the Barbarahofes, Lienz, Grissemannhaus, Himmelmayrhaus, Wiesentheinerhaus, Old Town Hall.
    Activities and working results 2009: Excavation and observation, Publications see Publication list Nr. 3.18, 35,103; Achieved Dissertation.

  6. Archaeological Building Investigation of Tyrolean Farms 14th – 17th Century (in cooperation with Hauser, Nicolussi, Wiesauer, Berger).
    Slaughter house in Kirchdorf in Tyrol, County Kitzbuehel, North Tyrol,  Taxerhaus, Patriasdorf, East Tyrol, Kammerlanderhof, Thurn, East Tyrol, Mautinger Hof, Muehlbachl, North Tyrol, Faulinger Hof, Tulfes, North Tyrol; Mair im Hof, Enneberg, Gadertal, South Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Excavation and documentation of discoveries, preliminary report see Publication list Nr. 3.37, Nr. 3.44; Achieved Batchelor see FLD.

  7. Investigation of Contemporary Potteries and Factory Debris Pit in East Tyrol 16th – 20th Century (Project Manager).
    Pottery Hoefer-Troger-Steger, Abfaltersbach, Pottery Zimmermann-Troger-Ganzer, Lienz, East Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Documentation of appliances, excavations in the region of the  rubbish dumps, Building registry completed, preliminary report see Publication list Nr. 3. 20, 21, 29, 42, 71 and Habilitation Paper, Publication list M 5; Vol 2 (in print), Vol 3 (in preparation).

  8. Mining Archaeology in East Tyrol  14th – 19th Century (in cooperation with Ehrl and Krauss).
    Miners Workhouse at Blindis, Parish St. Jakob in Defereggen, Lienz, East Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Accomplished excavation, Renovation work completed on smaller finds, see publication list Nr. 3.31,69 concluded Master of Arts; prepared for printing for 2010.

  9. Brick Built Animal Traps in Tyrol 16th - 19th Century (in cooperation with Environmental Group Upper Lienz, and George McGlynn).
    Wolfs Pit in Upper Lienz, Lienz, East Tyrol; Flirsch, North Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Accomplished excavation, Renovation work partially complete. Project plausibility: an exhibition in Carnuntum, Petronell, Lower Austria. Reconstruction of the Wolfs Pit in the Innsbruck Alpine Zoo, Identification of animal bones, English language printed publication. See. Publication list 3.120.

  10. Comptemporary Glacier Archaeology 19th and 20th Century (Project Manager).
    Umbalkees, JU 52 Areoplane, Prägraten, East Tyrol, Poacher of Gradetzkees, Kals by Grossglockner, Glacier copse Buonaventura Schaidnagel, Wildspitz Mountain Region.
    Activities 2009: Survey and recovery of aeroplane parts, and personal items of necessity, documentation of small finds. Research into the reason for the emergency landing, crew and assignment. Exhibition, preliminary report see publication list Nr. 3.47, 89, 104.

  11. Late Antique, and Early Middle Age High Range Settlements in Tyrol 4th – 10th Century (Project Manager).
    Zienerbichl, Serfaus, North Tyrol, Lavanter Kirchbichl, East Tyrol, Kiechlberg, Thaur.
    Activities 2009: Excavation, preparation of the small finds, exhibition. Preliminary report see Publication list Nr. 3.5, 6, 62, 68, 86-87; Arrangement for publication is in preparation. Planed exhibition 2010.

  12. Archaeology of the Napoleon Wars in Ancient Tyrol. 18th 19th Century (joint cooperation with Mertelseder, Weinold).
    Activities 2009: Archaeological Surveys, mapping and inventorying the anticipated discovery area. Objects are provided in the manuscript.

  13. Sub Aqua Archaeology 13th – 17th Century (joint cooperation with Reitmaier, Lienz Lifeguards).
    Previous Spital bridges (Spitalsbruecke), Lienz, East Tyrol, Ottonian dug out canoe Obersee, St. Jakob,  Defereggen.
    Activities and working results 2009: Organised dive, accomplished survey, dendrochronological inspection, under water documentation and salvage. Preliminary report see Publication list Nr. 3.61, 108-110, 115.

  14. Reconstruction of the Colonisation and Economy of the transition period from Late Antique to the Early Midle Ages in the Alpine Region based on Archaeological and Anthropological Data 4th – 12th Century (joint cooperation with Parsson).
    Skeleton graveyard of Volders, Augasse.
    Activities and working results 2009: Request for funds from the Fond  for FundingScientific Research in Vienna, Preparation of the Anthropological Data at the  Institute for Anthropology and Human Genetics at the University of Munich, printed results of documented finds.

  15. Culture and Common Day Life in Cloister St. Johann, in Muestair 5th 18th Century (joint cooperation Jürg Goll).
    Evolution of the small finds.
    Activities and working results 2009: Processing all bone, non ferrous maetals, and ceramics, e.g. foreign ceramics of the Burial Campaigns of the past 30 years. Partially applied for dissertation.

  16. Archaeology of the Cossacks in East Tyrol, May/June1945 (joint cooperation with Berger and Kofler).
    Activities and working results 2009: Archaeological surveys, excavation and documentation of above and underground discoveries of artefacts. Summarisation of the areas of expected discoveries, photo research, and interviews with eyewitnesses. Exhibition 2005 in Tammerburg, Lienz. See Publication Nr. 3.95-97, 104, 111, 113; International Congress of the Cossacks in WWI and WW II  in Lienz. See. Congress documentation and publication list Nearchos.

  17. Archaeology of the First World War on the Alpine Front, 20th Century (joint cooperation with Brandauer, Neuhauser, Saunders).
    Alpine Front Carinthian Ridge,  Eastern Pustertal, East Tyrol.
    Activities and working results 2009: Archaeological Surveys, documentation of above and underground discoveries of artefacts. Summarisation of the areas of expected discoveries, photo research. See publication list 3.119; Publication of two books, see publication list Nearchos: Wiedemair Ludwig, Weltkriegsschauplatz Osttirol. The Parishes On the Carnithian Front in Eastern Pustertal (2007), Isabelle Brandauer, Menschenmaterial Soldat (2007).
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