Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler



1. Castle Lengberg, cultural event. Theme: Classical History of East Tyrol in a spectrum of the latest discoveries. 25 June 1988.

2. Upper Lienz, Parish Hall. Theme: History of Settlements of Upper Lienz in a spectrum of the latest discoveries. 29 November 1988.

3. Hallstatt. Meeting of the Society of Prehistoric and Ancient History. Theme: Graves of the Iron Age in Virgental and the East expansion of the Fritzens-Sanzeno-Group (Alpine Archaeology). 15 October 1991.

4. University of Vienna, Work Group Middle Age. Theme: The Erpfenstein Castle. A Medieval Castle in Leukental, North Tyrol, Austria. 4 October 1992.

5. National Museum Salzburg. Theme: The Erpfenstein Castle. A Medieval Castle in Leukental, North Tyrol, Austria. 7 March 1993.

6. Hohe Tauern National Park, Matrei i. East Tyrol. Theme: Excavation by the Saint Nicholas Church in Matrei and its importance for the history of the Early, and Late Middle Ages in East Tyrol. 4 April 1997.

7. Institute for Prehistoric and Ancient History, Innsbruck. Theme: The Turris Parva in Castle Tyrol, and latest sources of archaeology: Between the Floor Boards, Vaults and Scaffolding Cavities. 25 June 1998.

8. Tyrol Historical Society,  Innsbruck. Theme: Current archaeological research results in East Tyrol. 20 January 2000.

9. Soroptimist Society Lienz. Theme: Archaeology, Distinctive for East Tyrol. 13 March 2000.

10. Local Historical Society, Wattens-Volders, Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. Theme: Summary of actual archaeological research activities in East Tyrol. 12 April 2000.

11. St. Nicholaus, Matrei i. Osttirol. Theme: Current archaeological research of the building formation of St. Nicholas. 6 April 2000.

12. Institute for Classical Archaeologiy, University of Vienna. Theme: Current archaeological research in East Tyrol. 30 Mai 2001.

13. Rotary Club, Lienz. Theme: Current perception to the historical construction of castle Tammerburg. 23 Oktober 2001.

14. Parish Hall, Upper Lienz. Theme: Cult of the Dead in East Tyrol from the Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages. 3 November 2001.

15. Sports Hall, Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. Theme: Founding of the graveyard "Augasse" i. Volders, Tyrol, in Ancient History.15 May 2002.

16. Innsbruck, Institute for Design and Construction. Theme: Archaeology. Above the Turf. 11 March 2003.

17. Lienz, "Suedspiel" – International Conference and Exhibition for Historical Playing Cards from southern historic Tyrol and Carinthia (Goerz 1570-1870). Theme: Archaeology and Playing Cards. 29 May – 31 May 2003.

18. Nauders. Theme: Castle caverns in Tirol, with special consideration to Altfinstermuenz, Tyrol. Exhibition: Lecture evening “Altfinstermuenz” – Latest research results. 7 Dec 2004.

19. National Park ‘Hohe Tauern,’ Matrei in East Tyrol. Theme: Latest on Glacier archaeology in Tyrol. 25 June 2004.

20. Rotary Club, Lienz, East Tyrol. Theme: Archaeology of the Modern Period in East Tyrol. 24 April 2004.

21. University Club, Innsbruck, Tyrol. Theme (joint co-operation with Berger, Karl; Kofler, Martin): On the Trail of the Cossacks in East Tyrol. A interdisciplinary documentary project. 22 Nov 2005.

22. Lienz - Tammerburg, East Tyrol. Theme (joint co-operation with Berger, Karl C; Kofler, Martin): Short lectures. Memorial Exhibition "Flight into Despair, The Cossacks in East Tyrol“. 6 June 2005.

23. Lienz – Tammerburg, East Tyrol. Theme: Opening lecture. Exhibition: Memorial Exhibition "Flight into Despair, The Cossacks in East Tyrol". 25 May 2005.

24. Hoertenberg, Telfs, Tyrol. Theme: Past and Present archaeology of Castles in Tyrol, Austria. 29 April 2005.

25. Innsbruck, Academy of Historical Innsbruck. Theme: From the Great Migration Period through to the Saltier (5 – 12 Century AD); Archaeological discovery sites in Tyrol, with excursions in East Tyrol. 01 Jan – 31 Dec 2006.

26. Lienz/East Tirol, International Congress, The Cossacks in WW I, and WW II. Theme: The research project Cossacks in East Tirol. 24 – 27 Oct 2007.

27. The organisation group: ‘alcus800quabel,’ in Ainet, Tyrol. Theme: The recent discovery of inscriptions by Lake Alkuser. Is this an indication of a Roman mine in East Tyrol? 2 June 2007.

28. Local Historical Museum Society, Wattens-Volders, Wattens, Tyrol. Theme: The significance of the graveyard "Augasse" in Volders, Tyrol, for Ancient History. 8 May 2007.

29. Rotary Club, Innsbruck. Theme: Logistics of packing material in the 16th Century, as example found in the shipwreck by Gnalic, Croatia. 20 March 2007.

30. The organisation group: ‘alcus800quabel,’ in Ainet, Tyrol. Theme: The buried, and hidden. Summary of the archaeological inspection in the Alkus/Gwabl. Region. 18 Jan 2007.

31. Haus in Ennstal, Styria. Theme: The Pitch floor in Ainet, East Tirol. First archaeological evidence of utilization in the high alpine range, ‘Schobergruppe’. International Symposium, ‘Archaeology in the Alps.’ Common day life und Culture. 17 Oct 2009.

32. Office of Prevention of Natural Stream Hindrance, Lienz. Theme: Archaeology and natural stream hindrances. 23 March 2009.

33. Thaur, Parish Hall. Theme: The mystery of Kiechlberg. An Ottonian Castle in Tyrol? 04 June 2009.

34. The Miners World, Tarrenz. Theme. The Healer of Strader Wald, Tarrenz, Tyrol. A distinctive funeral of the 17th Century in  Tyrol. 27 Aug 2009.

35. Institute of Prehistoric and Ancient History, Vienna. Theme. The Healer of Strader Wald, Tarrenz, Tyrol. A distinctive funeral of the 17th Century in Tyrol. 09 June 2009.

36. National Park Hohe Tauern, Uttendorf, Salzburg. Theme: Archaeological reflection of the "Felbertauern". Research Status. 27 Aug 2009.

37. National Park Hohe Tauern, Uttendorf, Salzburg, Gala Lecture.  Theme: The Healer of Strader Wald, Tarrenz, Tyrol. A distinctive funeral of the 17th Century in Tyrol. 27 Aug 2009.


1. Friedrich Wilhelms University, Bonn, Germany. Workshop for Classic and Cotemporary History, Theme: The Erpfenstein Castle. A Medieval Castle in Leukental, North Tyrol, Austria. 6 July 1992.

2. 26th International Pottery Symposium, Soest, Germany. Theme: Castle St. Justina,  11th – 12th Century in East Tyrol. 7 October 1993.

3. 26th International Pottery Symposium, Aschaffenburg, Germany. Theme: Minor discoveries of ceramics in the ruin Flaschberg, Oberdrauburg, Carinthia. 7 October 1994.

4. Dogana, Dorf Tirol, South Tyrol, Italy. Theme: The Turris Parva in Castle Tyrol, and latest sources of archaeology: Between the Floor Boards, Vaults and Scaffolding Cavities. 9  October 1998.

5. International Symposium: East Apline, early Christian Church construction in Muestair, Switzerland. Theme: The desolated early Christian church in Lamprechtgarten, Upper Lienz. 24 Feb 1999.

6. 34th International Pottery Symposium, Maretsch, South Tyrol, Italy. Theme: The ceramic forms found in castles of the Late Middle Ages to Early Contemporary History, in North and East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia. 29 September 2001.

7. Kempten, Germany. Congress of the International Society for Historical Alpine Research. Theme: Interdisciplinary research of ceramic products in the Modern Period, Pustertal, as shown in the pottery Höfer-Troger-Steger in Abfaltersbach, East Tyrol. 28 September 2001.

8. Kaltern, South Tyrol, Italy. Didactic event: Landscape as a commodity,  the Institute of Design, University of  Innsbruck. Theme: Archaeology above the Turf. 11 March 2003.

9. 5th International Trade Fair for Museum Business: Collections, Restoration and Exhibition Technology, Munich, Germany. Theme: Application of modern digital technology for cost efficient production of replica’s. Experience in applying 3D Scanners, digital models and rapid-prototyping in archaeology in museums business in Tyrol. 25 June 2003.

10. University of Bamberg, Germany. Theme: Current Archaeology above the Turf in historic Tyrol and Vorarlberg. 17th Medieval Colloquium “Middle Age Depot, discoveries in buildings of Central Europe”  at the Middle Ages Study Centre of the Otto Friedrich University Bamberg. 24 – 25 Sept 2003.

11. Izola, Slovenia. Theme: The Venetian influence of abandoned archaeological artefacts in the Tyrol Region. Cultura 2000, The Heritage of Serenissima, Izola. 04 – 09 Nov 2005.

12. Luserna, Trento, Italy. Theme: Archaeology of WW1 in Western Austria. International Convention "Archeologia della Grande Guerra. Quale apporto all'indagine e alla conoscenza dei resti della Prima guerra mondiale?" 23 – 24 June 2006.

13. University of Tuebingen, Germany. Theme: Logistics of packing material in the 16th Century, as example found in the shipwreck by Gnalic, Croatia. International Conference “15th – 16th Century Archaeology, a Turning Point.”  22 – 24 Feb 2007.

14. University of Bonn, International Congress: Avars, Slav’s, Romans. Theme: Research of the Early Middle Ages to the Middle Ages, Graveyard of Volders, “Augasse”, Tyrol. 27 Feb 2008.

15. Hertford College, Oxford, England. International Congress: “Challenging Frontiers: Mobility, Transition and Change Conference”. Theme: Transition vs. Stability - The graveyard of Volders and its impact on the early medieval period in Tyrol. 04 – 05 April 2008.

16. Vancouver, Canada, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Centre. Theme: The Fate of the Cossacks in Lienz during the 20th Century. 05 May 2009. Flyer Canada Tour MsWord Icon

17. Winnipeg, Canada, St. Andrews College, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral. Theme: The Fate of the Cossacks in Lienz during the 20th Century. 10 May 2009.

18. Mohyla Institute, Saskatoon, Canada.  Theme: The Fate of the Cossacks in Lienz during the 20th Century. 11 May 2009.

19. Cossack Centre, Edmonton, Canada, St. Elias Ukrainian Orthodox Centre, Canada. Theme: The Fate of the Cossacks in Lienz during the 20th Century. 15 May 2009.

20. Trondheim, Norwegen. Topic:  Frozen Pasts, Glacier Archaeology in Tyrol. Problems and solutions. 04.-08. 09. 2010.

22. University Bamberg. Topic: The female healer of Tarrenz. A special burial in the 17th Century in Tyrol. 23. 11. 2010.

23. University of New Orleans, National World War II Museum, USA, "The Archaeology of World War II in Western Austria", 04.01.1918, University of New Orleans 

23. University Halle a. d. Saale. Topic: Test trenches into contempuary history. Archeology of WW1 and WW2 in Tyrol. 07. 12. 2010.

24. Munich, Nymphenburg Palace, Workshop Sickness, Hunger, War and Religion from the Perspective of Archaeology, History and Anthropology. Topic: The healer of Strad. An extraordinary female face down burial in the seventeenth-century Tyrol. 04.-05. 03. 2011.

25. St. Petersburg, Suworow Centre, RU, Topic: Suworow and Austria. An archeological historical survey.  28. 03. 2011.

26. Krasnodar, Kuban-University, RU, Topic: Cultural contacts in hard times. The cosacks in East-Tyrol.  11. 10. 2011.

25. Whithorse, Yukon, Canda, Frozen Pasts, 3rd International Glacial Archaeology Symposium. Topic: Swallowed then Disgorged by Glacier: New Features of Alpine Pastures and Mines in Western Austria. 03.-08. 06. 2012.

26. Moskau, Experts Dialogues,  Alexander Solschnizyn Zentrum: Cossacks in East Tyrol 1945. 12.02.2014

27. Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin, USA, Anthropology Colloquium: The 17th Century AD Female Healer of Strader Wald, Tarrenz, Tyrol, 11.04.2014

28. Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, D, Conference Château Gaillard 2014. Topic:  The "Kiechlberg" in Thaur, Tyrol. An ottonic site with fortresslike character in the context of  salt-trade?, 24. 08. 2014


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