Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler

Guest Speakers (Moderating and Managing)

(Includes commitment of personal funds)


1. Matthias Roser, Stuttgart. Guédelon. A living building site of the 13th Century. 8th March 2006

2. Nathalie Rouqueroul, Aurignac. From Grey to Multicolour, the history of ceramic production in south west France 11th – 17th Century (in the French language with a German leaflet). 18 January 2006

3. Ramona Harrisson, New York. Middle Ages in the Far North – an Archaeological outline. 26 June 2007

4. Simona Kahlow, Berlin. Sickness in the Middle Ages and the Early Contemporary Period: Archaeological Discoveries. 12 June 2007

5. Matthias Fröhlich, Freiburg im Breisgau. Castles and their Construction in the southern Black Forrest. 24. November 2008

6. Elisa Possenti, Trient. Current research results in Archaeology of the Langobards, in Upper Italy. October 2008

7. Michael Schmauder, Bonn. History and Archaeology of the Hun. 15 December 2008

8. Michael Jandejsek, Bamberg. Old Men – Slag Heaps – Vitriol Works. Mining archaeology research in the former copper mining region, Kulmbach. 25 March 2009

9. Michael Reibnagel, Wien. A miners tools of the Middle Ages. 19 May 2009

10. Thibaut Lasnier, Toulouse. Castle construction in the French central Pyreneans (English Lecture). 10 June 2009

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