Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler


(Science and Logistic Organisation)

1. Excavation in Himmelmayrhaus Lienz. Lienz, Bruck Castle 1992 (joint cooperation with Spindler).

2. Pristine Pottery Craftsmanship in Tyrol, Innsbruck. Innsbruck, Exhibition showroom of the University, and Lienz, Bruck Castle, 1992 (joint cooperation with Spindler).

3. History of Langkampfen, in reflection with archaeological discoveries. Parish Centre Langkampfen, North Tyrol, November 1993 (sole concept and achievement).

4. Excavation in Kirchdorf, Tyrol. Slaughter house in Kirchdorf 1994 (joint cooperation with Spindler).

5. Flaschberg, Archeology and History. Ost Tyrol, Archaeology and History Museum of the market town Oberdrauburg, 1995 (independent concept and achievement).

6. Selected discoveries of Schlossberg, Seefeld. Seefeld, Town Hall foyer 1996 (independent concept and achievement).

7. Volders, Tyrol – Stages of  a 700 year History. Parish Hall, Volders, 1996 (Independent concept and achievement).

8. Archaeological Research on the hill of St. Justina church. Parish Assling, East Tyrol, 1996 (independent concept and achievement).

9. Excavation in Thurnerhof. Parish Langkampfen. A Profound building of the lower nobility in Tyrol. Langkampfen 1997 (joint cooperation with Spindler).

10. The secrets of the Turris Parva. Late Middle Age research in Castle Tyrol. Castle Tyrol  1998 (independent concept and achievement).

11. St. Georg zu Ötting, Flaschberg. Tyrol and Goertz Museum Oberdrauburg, Carinthia. May through October 2000 (joint cooperation with Schick und Blaickner).

12. Castle Tyrol. South Tyrol. 12 July - 31 October 2001 (joint cooperation with Hauser, Mittermair, Nicolussi, Lanz, Recheis).

13. Out of the Fire. History of the Blacksmith. Tammerburg Castle, East Tyrol 18 - 26 October 2002.

14. Suedspiel. Archaeology and Playing Cards. Tammerburg Castle, East Tyrol 31 May - 7 October 2003 (joint cooperation with Peter Blaas).

15. Flight into Despair. The Cossacks in East Tyrol. 26 May – 10 July 2005. Tammerburg Castle (scientific Project Manager).

16. Aircraft Archaeology. Contemporary archaeological history, and technical accounting of plane wrecks. Exhibition: Live Long Night of Research, Innsbruck. 01 October 2005 (Joint cooperation with Wolfgang Falch).

17. Amidst Disturbing the Dead and Science. 3500 Year Funeral custom in Volders. Secondary modern school Volders, Tyrol 31 Nov – 1 Dec 2006 (joint cooperation with Karl Wurzer).

18. The Pitschedboden of Ainet, East Tirol. First archaeological evidence of utilization in the high alpine range, mountain range "Schobergruppe". Ainet Parish, East Tyrol 3 Oct – 31 Oct 10 2009.

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