Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler

Curriculum vitae

1. Personal data

Name:  Harald Johannes Stadler
Born: 6. March 1959 in Lienz, Osttirol
Father: Johann Stadler, Officer in the Federal Army
Mother: Johanna Stadler, born Wornig, housewife
Citizenship: Austrian

2. School education

1965 - 1969: Primary school, Lienz
1969 - 1974: Secondary modern school,  Lienz
1974 - 1975: Polytechnicum, Lienz
1975 - 1978: Music-Pedagogic Secondary school, Lienz
18. September 1978: final examination
1978 - 1979: voluntary military service

3. Academic Study

WS 1979/80: University of Innsbruck: Pre- and Protohistory, Classic Archaeology and History of the Medieval.
5. Juli 1985: Ph.D.

4. Occupational Activity

6.7.1985 - 31.3.1992: freelancer of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, section East- and Northern Tyrol
1989 - 1991: scientific assistant for the research-project "Mesolithic hunter´s rest at the Hirschbühel, parish St. Jakob i. Defreggental“, Austrian Research Promotion Agency; employee at the office oft he Tyrolean Federal Government, section IV
1990: scientific assistant at the city-archeology Vienna
1991: scientific assistant for the research-project "Archäology and architectural analysis oft the cathedral of Trento, Italy“
1991 - 1992: employee of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research

since 1. April 1992: University assistant at the Institute of Pre- and Protohistory, University of Innsbruck
15. Juni 2000: Habilitation to an university lecturer for the subject „Pre- and Protohistory, Classic Archaeology and History of the Medieval“.
Habilitation treatise "Research on modern pottery production in Pustertal using the example of the pottery Höfer-Troger-Steger in Abfaltersbach, East-Tyrol. Vol. 1 – The family history, the building and the inventory of pottery-techniques. Vol.2 – The log sheets 1879–1941.“

4. Oktober 2000: appointment to an associate university professor
2005 - 2010: appointment to the chairman of the faculty council of the philosophically historical faculty
1.10.2010: Professor of the Instiute of Pre- and Protohistory, Classic Archaeology and History of the Medieval, Univerisity of Innsbruck

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