Paper proposals (per 04.05.2010)

A Thousand Years of Lost Hunting Arrows – Wood Analysis of Ice Patch Remains in Northwestern Canada - Alix, C., Andrews, T., Hare, P.G., & Mackay, G. (FR & CAN)

Archaeological Investigations of Alpine Ice Patches in the Selwyn Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada - Andrews T. D., MacKay G. & Andrew, L. (CAN)

Kicking out the Backdoor- Recent Trends and Perspectives from the Central Norwegian Snow Patches - Callanan, M. & Farbregd, O. (NO)

Permafrost, Glaciers and Inca Ice Mummies in Argentina - Ceruti, M. C. (AR)

The Kwädąy Dän Ts'ìnchį Discovery From a Glacier in Northwestern British Columbia, Canada
- Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, Greer, S. & Strand, D. (CAN)

The Study of the Language of Animal Style Art in Pazyryk Ice Tombs - Cheremisin, D.V. (RU)

What Mosses tell us about Ancient Glacier Mummies, especially Ötzi, the Iceman
- Dickson, J. H. (SCO)

Archeology of the Bonanza Ice Patch, Alaska - Dixon. E. J. & Jarman, N. L. (USA)

Frozen Pasts - Warm Futures
- Dixon, E.J. & Callanan, M. (USA & NO)

Ice Patch Archaeology in Oppland, Norway- 2010 Update
- Finstad, E. & Pilø, L. (NO)

The Frozen Tombs of the Altay Mountains: An Endangered Heritage - Gheyle, W., Van De Kerchove, R., Goossens, R., Dvornikov, R. & Bourgeois, J. (BE & RU)

Assessing Long and Short Term Archaeological Signatures within Yukon Ice Patches -Hare, P. G. & Thomas, C. D. (CAN)

Reindeer and habitat use in high alpine altitudes - Jordhøy, P. (NO)

Ten Millennia of Ice Patch Hunting in the Mid-Latitude Rocky Mountains of North America - Lee, C. M. (USA)

Kitchen-middens and climate change – the future preservation of a frozen past. A case study from Qajaa, Greenland
- Matthiesen, H., Andreasen, C., Elberling, B., Grønnow, B., Hollesen, J., Jensen, J.B., Jørgensen, C.J. & Meldgaard, M. (DK & GL)

Morphology and Development of Ice patches in N.W.T., Canada - Meulendyk, T., Moorman, B. J., Andrews, T. D. & MacKay, G. (CAN)

Conserving the Yukon Ice Patch Collection: lessons learned from a decade of frozen artifact care - Monahan, V. (CAN)

Archaeology of the First World War in glacial environments of the central eastern Alps
- Nicolis, F. & N.N. (IT)

Logistics and Security on Isolated Sites. Point of view of a conservator in Switzerland and Norway
- Rerolle, C. (FR)

Reindeer, Summer and Snow -Saami hunting with Bow and Arrow - Ryd, Y. (SE)

Some Reflections on Archaeology and Heritage in the Anthropocene - Solli, B. (NO)

Glacier archaeology in Tirol, Austria. Possibilities and Problems of Frozen Pasts - Stadler, H. (AT)

The Frozen Tombs of the Altay Mountains: Assessment of the Thermal Lowering Effect by Monitoring Ground Temperatures
- Van De Kerchove, R., Gheyle, W., Goossens, R., Bourgeois, J. & Ebel A. (BE & RU)

Native Alaskan Ice Patch Utilization: Alpine Trails and Seasonal Rounds - VanderHoek, R. (USA)

Artefacts coming out of ice- and snow patches in high-alpine areas in Southern Norway -Wangen, V. & Solli, B. (NO)

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