UniBigBand Innsbruck

The UniBigBand (UBB) of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) was founded by David Ziupa. Unhappy with the fact that, as a young medical student, he had no chance of playing jazz anywhere in Innsbruck, he single-handedly started looking for musicians and a bandleader. He found some and the first rehearsal was led by Martin Ohrwalder in a small seminar room in January 2004. After long negotiations with the university the big band was offered the chance to rehearse in a proper hall. Since then, the band regularly enforces its musical skills under the direction of Martin Ohrwalder.

Since 2005 the big band is officially integrated into the university’s organisational structure as a course with the didactic goal of musical and cultural personal furtherment as well as orchestral social competence in the area of (contemporary) popular and jazz music. Martin Ohrwalder was given a teaching position and Lorenz Winkler has been employed as the tutor.

Since then the band has been aiming to gradually improve its musical level and offer international students from diverse faculties a rewarding balance to everyday university life. A declared goal of the UniBigBand is to provide students of all faculties with an intersection between academics and musical culture. This cultural symbiosis of art and research has already been successfully implemented within the scope of the university and is already yielding fruit.

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