PhD theses

Running PhD theses

Urban Water Management:

  • Martin Oberascher
  • Johannes Sappl
  • Tanja Vonach 
  • Jonatan Zischg
  • Peter Zeisl
  • Daniel Winkler
  • Mariana Gonçalves


Waste Management:

  • Alice do Carmo Precci Lopes
  • Marco Wehner
  • Michael Meirer
  • Julika Knapp

Completed PhD theses

Christian Mikovits: Influences, Risks and Prospects of City Development on Urban Drainage Systems

  Maria Ortner: Environmental Assessment Challenges of Waste Management Systems

  Michael Mair: Dynamic Virtual Infrastructure Benchmarking (DynaVIBe)

  Franz Tscheikner-Gratl: Integrated approach for Multi-Utility rehabilitation Planning of Urban Water Infrastructure 

  Michael Meister: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Urban Water Management

Irene Schneider: Optimierte Behandlung und Verwertung von biogenen Reststoffen

  Günther Leonhardt: Development and Application of Software Sensors and Reverse Models for Urban Drainage Systems

Gregor Burger: Parallel Computing in Urban Water Management

Christian Urich: Modelling the Coevolution of Cities and their Infrastructure

  Robert Sitzenfrei: Stochastic Generation of Urban Water Systems for Case Study Analysis

  Manfred Kleidorfer: Uncertain calibration of urban drainage models

  Michael Möderl: Modelltechnische Analyse von Netzwerksystemen der Siedlungswasserwirtschaft

  Michael Schön: Numerical Modelling of Anaerobic Digestion Processes in Agrigultural Biogas Plants

  Stefan Achleitner: Modular conceptual modelling in urban drainage development and application of city drain

  Sara De Toffol: Sewer system performance assessment - an indicators based methodology

  Carolina Engelhard: Assessing the impact of urban drainage measures with regard to the water framework directive