Scientific support of the "Raiqa" deconstruction project


Contracting Entity:

Raiffeisenbank Tirol Mitte


Implementation Period:

First half of 2021 (January to June 2021)


Project description:

In the City of Innsbruck’s center, the Raiffeisen Bank’s regional branch Tyrol is constructing a new building complex to accommodate, besides the bank’s office and customer areas, a hotel and office and business premises. In order to realise this project, the existing building was decommissioned and disassembled.

Before the new building project can begin, the existing building is completely dismantled to leave only the reinforced concrete skeleton structure. To this end, a systematic deconstruction according to the standard method (ÖN B 3151) was conducted, including a preceding contaminant investigation, followed by the deconstruction of the complete interior and furnishings. The research group “Waste Treatment and Resource Management” at the Department of Infrastructure, Universität Innsbruck, was tasked with the assessment of the environmental impacts of the removed materials.

Necessary data from the deconstruction are provided by the participating enterprises. The documented residues and materials will be assessed regarding their quantities, potential for re-use, recycling and, if applicable, their disposal. The related emissions of climate gases, as well as the economic value of the materials, will be determined and evaluated


Contact Information:

Universität Innsbruck
Dr. Sabine Robra
Technikerstrasse 13
6020 Innsbruck

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