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tuxtrans - Development History

tuxtrans 18.04 update, installed gthumb again and the mtp-tools.
tuxtrans 18.04 update, hopefully eliminated the grub boot problems. The iso image was burned to a USB key with unetbootin and installed successfully to a Dell laptop, a Lenovo laptop and a Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop two times for testing purposes, it should work.
tuxtrans 18.04 update: OmegaT 4.1.5
tuxtrans 18.04 released: based on the Ubuntu MATE desktop instead of previous XFCE, the translation menu is now merged in the applications menu; most applications are updated, OmegaT 4.1.4, Okapi Tools M35, added PyGlossary, TagWipe, deleted Aegisub subtitling programm which is no longer available in the repositiories; Ubuntu 18.04 also does not support the CLI command "gksu" any more as well as "unetbootin" which has been replaced by "MATE Startup Disk Creator". Unfortunately, disk space has grown to 2,8 GB.
tuxtrans 64bit 16.04 system updated, new enhanced Turkish keyboard layout contributed by Martin Kantus, DocFetcher - file and text search utility added under text tools (very useful for large text archives)
tuxtrans 64bit 16.04 system updated, OmegaT updated to 4.1.2, Okapi Tools updated to M33.
tuxtrans OmegaT updated to 4.0.1, Okapi Tools updated to M31, SDLTm-Converter updated, enhanced Turkish keyboard layout contributed by Martin Kantus.
tuxtrans 64bit 16.04 system updated, OmegaT updated to 4.0.0 update 1.
tuxtrans 64bit 16.04 system updated, libdvdcss2 installed.
tuxtrans 64bit 16.04 release, with OmegaT 3.6, base system updated, software packages updated, dropped two locales, only EN, DE and ES still supported to save disk space. Beginning with 16.04 we drop 32bit support, but we will keep the 14.04 32bit available. The new tuxtrans 16.04 supports UEFI boot, be careful to choose the right setting in your BIOS setup, else the USB won't boot.
tuxtrans 64bit 14.04.3 revised release, updated software packages.
tuxtrans 64bit 14.04.3 release with OmegaT 3.1.8, updated software packages, and now two desktops XFCE and Fluxbox.
Fluxbox is a blazingly fast minimalistic Linux desktop that brings us back to the old days of LinguasOS which had it installed as the default desktop. In tuxtrans we configured fluxbox to behave almost the same way as the tuxtrans XFCE desktop with a our translation technology menu and customized shortcut keys. Try it out by choosing the fluxbox desktop in the top right panel of the login screen, and once logged in by clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the screen.
tuxtrans 32bit 14.04, 2nd release with new open-sourced Heartsome Translation Studio, adds a complete translation memory suite, a TMX editor, a TBX maker to convert terminology files, various file filters, and much more.
tuxtrans 64bit 14.04, 3rd revised release.
tuxtrans 64bit 14.04, 2nd release with new open-sourced Heartsome Translation Studio, adds a complete translation memory suite, a TMX editor, a TBX maker to convert terminology files, various file filters, and much more. The Heartsome tools still display a copyright label, although the Github Heartsome site is GPL2.
tuxtrans 64bit version 14.04 ready, first 64bit release. How many prefer 64bit over 32bit? We cancelled the VM image because we now have 2 ISO files and only limited space on the server.
tuxtrans 32bit version 14.04 ready (based on Xubuntu 14.04 Long-Term Support, kernel 3.13 generic). Main changes:
  • new applications:
    • Aegisub, a free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles
    • BootCat frontend: the nice text corpus creation tool from our colleagues in Forlì
    • Okapi Ocelot ITS/XLIFF editor
    • SDLTM Converter saves SDL translation memories into TMX files
    • HTML2TMX java command line program to convert multilingual webpages into a TMX translation memory
  • new versions of main programs: LibreOffice, OmegaT 3.1, Okapi Tools, Diffpdf, Oracle Java 1.7.0_55
  • whisker menu with all general applications and translation specific programs
  • Light-Locker replaces xscreensaver
  • because of disk space the DTP application Scribus is no longer included, it is, however, easy to add it from the repositories
  • we also dropped menulibre which is included in Xubuntu 14.04 but never worked properly in our tests.
remake of tuxtrans website
fifth release of tuxtrans 12.04.3; updated OmegaT 3.0.8; added TES-terminology extraction tool; general update. Merry Christmas!
Fourth release of tuxtrans 12.04.3; updated OmegaT 3.0.7; wrote script to start Apertium MT stand-alone version with precompiled language combinations; installed Apertium-Tolk which uses system-wide installed language combinations; new directory 'dictionaries' in OmegaT with some example dictionaries and a text file explaining how to use them; deleted GnoTimeTrackingTool and installed Hamster Time Tracker with Indicator plugin.
third release of tuxtrans 12.04.3; after reports about unusual slowness of OmegaT with java 1.7.0_45 we reverted back to Java 1.7.0_25; installed Apertium OmegaT plugin and all Apertium language pairs so that offline Apertium MT is available in tuxtrans; put back menu item for subtitle editor. I hope this is the last release of the 12.04 series before the next LTS Ubuntu version in may next year.
second release of tuxtrans 12.04.3; optimized configuration for Oracle Java 1.7.0_45.
release of tuxtrans 12.04.3;
  • XUbuntu 12.04.3 with Xfce 4.10
  • linux kernel 3.8
  • LibreOffice
  • Oracle Java 1.7.0_45
  • Omegat 3.0.6 with updated tokenizers and plugins
  • Okapi tools 23
  • Super TMX Merge
  • Costa MT-Evaluation Tool
  • Firefox 25.0
  • pdfsam 2.2
  • truecrypt
  • new background design ...
Fourth release of tuxtrans 12.04.02; updated Omegat to version 3.0.4, LibreOffice 4.1.3 Firefox 22.0, JabRef 2.9.2.
third release of tuxtrans 12.04.02; updated Omegat to version 3.0.3, new launcher. Added a pdf document for the tuxtrans shortcut keys making it easy to command and navigate the desktop.
second release of tuxtrans 12.04.02; after problems with Virtualbox we reverted back to kernel 3.2, updated Omegat to version 3 with integrated tokenizers, new launcher, updated Okapi tools, updated IHMC Cmap Tools, replaced Planner with ProjectLibre.
release tuxtrans 12.04.02 available; we decided to stick to the LTS release of Xubuntu 12.04.2 until the next LTS version (14.04); changes from 12.04.1 to 12.04.2:
  • Xfce 4.10
  • linux kernel 3.5
  • LibreOffice 4.02
  • Omegat 2.6.3 with updated tokenizers and plugins
  • new omegat launcher
  • new background design
  • and a lot of other updates
  • .
added "share/save" button for social media as well as a "follow tuxtrans on twitter" button on the tuxtrans web pages and opened a twitter account for tuxtrans.
third release of tuxtrans 12.04: After a disappearing desktop icon for the install command (sudo ubiquity --desktop %k gtk_ui) I remastered the whole system and added the termsuite term extraction program.
second release of tuxtrans 12.04: reintegrated XLIFFRoundTrip and Open Language Tools.
first release of version 12.04 (XUbuntu 12.04 LTS, kernel generic pae). Main changes: Xubuntu XFCE desktop with top and bottom panel; new versions of main programs: LibreOffice, OmegaT, Okapi Tools; new software: Onboard keyboard layout, Gnome Planner, TuxCommander, OmegaT-launcher, LF-Aligner, BlueFish HTML editor; left out some software packages such as Transolution, XLIFFroundtrip, Open Language Tools (not available at the time of release), OpenProj.
Minor inconvenience with this release: some Java applications start on top of the screen with their title bar hidden behind the top panel (e.g. PDFSam), press ALT and drag the app window down a little bit, so you see the title bar. Also, please note that tuxtrans uses a PAE kernel, so if you want to start it in a virtual environment, do not forget to activate PAE support (in Virtualbox e.g. under system|processor).
release of version 2011-05 (updated Ubuntu LTS 10.04.2, kernel FD-TermBase again with wine 1.0 after problems with POL, firefox 4.0, GoldenDict.
release of version 2011-03 with an updated Ubuntu 10.04.2 (kernel 2.6.35) and other changes: changed from OpenOffice to LibreOffice, abandoned Lokalize and all KDE dependencies (whoever needs lokalize can install it easily from the ubuntu repositories), updated Okapi tools with checkmate for quality control, installed FD-TermBase (an MS-Windows program) within PlayOnLinux, so that the Wine-version remains untouched by regular system updates, added Gnome Time Tracking, gPDFText converter (convert pdfs to text based on paragraphs) as well as Xournal (annotate pdf texts).
stripped down the tuxtrans packages until it reached the size of a CD, named the result tuxtrans-essentials and uploaded it.tuxtrans.uibk.ac.at.
website address changed to tuxtrans.uibk.ac.at.
website changed to tuxtrans, still under the address: pclostrans.uibk.ac.at
PCLOSTrans becomes tuxtrans by going mainstream using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as its basis. This guarantees an OS with a regular update schedule and a two years lifespan. We had a hard time abandoning the excellent KDE 3.5.10 desktop and we decided against the new shiny KDE 4 desktop because it seems too playful and still not really ready for productive work, furthermore it needs a high learning curve to get accustomed to it. The gnome desktop used in Ubuntu seems to be a good compromise for the time being. You can run any KDE software in gnome and we included the new KDE4 localization tool Lokalize. The name changes accordingly to tuxtrans, the software collection remains unchanged.

PCLOSTrans website online under the address pclostrans.uibk.ac.at
produced a multilingual ISO (1,3 GB) with five languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian installed; also added the menu item "System language" with Localedrake, Addlocale and Verify locale.
updated Italian (912 MB) and English Versions (880 MB) and added OmegaT Tokenizer, OLT new version 1.3 with support for XLIFF 1.2, Translate Toolkit, Gaupol subtitle editor. .
updated German Version and added OmegaT Tokenizer, OLT new version 1.3 with support for XLIFF 1.2, Translate Toolkit, Gaupol subtitle editor. Size grew to 895 MB.
PCLOSTrans 2009 es, localised into Spanish. Size grew to 910 MB, because each locale adds new libraries. It is difficult to delete these libraries for the other languages, though.
PCLOSTrans 2009 it, localised into Italian
PCLOSTrans 2009, updated version. Since we abandoned CD compatibility, size is not important any longer. So we reintegrated the Sun Open Language Tools and added Transolution, so that two more ways of dealing with XLIFF-Files are available. Sizes grew to 980 MB.
PCLOSTrans 2009, a full update on the basis of the PCLINUXOS minime edition. All translation tools were updated to the latest version. Changes involve also the abandonment of the SUN XLIFF Tools, but we added the subtitle editing software Jubler, the website Downloader HTTrack as well as the localization tools POEdit, Maxprograms and Okapi.
Thanks to the new AddLocale script both versions (EN and DE) are identical and it is easy for users to change the locale.
Alas, the size went over the magical CD limit of 700 MB with 790 and 840 MB. But is backward compatibility with CDs really so important when you can run the live-iso from a USB stick?
updated the German version (DE)
PCLOSTrans updated with inofficial PCLinoxOS 2008 updates (EN + DE)
German version updated
English version updated
First version of PCLOSTrans