Contrastive Studies in Morphology and Syntax:
a book presentation


Mag. Dr. Maria Koliopoulou, MA
Institut für Translationswissenschaft

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Geiwi-Turm, Innrain 52, 4. Stock, UR40432


Die Buchpräsentation findet im Rahmen des Innsbrucker Linguistischen Arbeitskreises (ILAK) statt.

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Contrastive Studies in Morphology and Syntax
Edited by Michalis Georgiafentis, Giannoula Giannoulopoulou, Maria Koliopoulou & Angeliki Tsokoglou

"For those who want to know how languages differ, this book offers a delightful overview of the current thinking in several fields of grammatical research and different frameworks. An impressive coverage of phenomena, languages and approaches and plenty of insightful reflections about the roots of variation between languages that are seriously relevant for typologists, theoretical linguists and anyone interested in cross- linguistic research."
Stavros Skopeteas, Professor of General Linguistics, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany

"Taking a contrastive linguistic perspective on a variety of morphological and syntactic phenomena cross-linguistically, this volume brings together fifteen compelling studies by a host of leading scholars. Collectively and individually, they make for fascinating and enlightening reading!"
Brian D. Joseph, Distinguished University Professor of Linguistics, The Ohio State University, USA



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