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EMPLOYERS can choose between different services to present their company and interesting job- and career options students and graduates at the University of Innsbruck. The packages offer a great opportunity to improve the degree of popularity and combine these services with other employer-branding measures of the company:


» General Terms and Conditions (in German)

Please note that selected services are linked to additional advertising opportunities via the Career Service newsletter and our Facebook profile. For more information, please see our offers below.

We are looking forward to a possible cooperation!

» Universität Innsbruck: Numbers & Facts

The University of Innsbruck is a public university. It was founded in 1669 and is today the largest and most important research and educational institution in Western Austria with more than 28,000 students and over 4,500 employees.

» Numbers and facts to the University of Innsbruck

» Online-advertisements: Prices & Services

Your company would like to place an online advertisement in the job and internship portal of the University of Innsbruck?

We do not charge you for the registration of your user and company profile.

This is how it works:

  1. Create account - User registration
  2. Register company - Create company profile
  3. Order a contingent of paid job advertisements
  4. Publish jobs and free internships independently


But your company is not yet registered?

» Create a User- and then your Company-Profile

» Tutorial

Overview of services valid since 1st August 2017


  • Free registration of the user and company profile
  • Publication of advertisement for 30/60/90 days
  • Visualization of the company profile incl. company logo for the duration of the publication
  • Independent administration of advertisements and company profiles (Click here for the Tutorial)
  • Possibility to insert PDF files and direct links to the company's career website
  • Advertisements for paid internships at fair and qualified conditions are still FREE of charge

With a purchase of 5 or more advertisements, we offer you a bonus. You get a free publication of a newsletter article (an editorial article or an advertisements on a currently published job or internship) in one of the following Career Service newsletters.


» Please note our guidelines for publication (in German)



All prices given are plus 20 % value added tax.

Number of advertisements purchased Price per advertisement (30 days) excl. 20% VAT Price per advertisement (30 days) incl. 20% VAT
1-2 € 180,- € 216,-
3-4 € 160,- € 192,-
5 + € 140,- € 168,-


  1. One advertisement for 30 days costs 180 € excl. VAT.
  2. Two advertisements for 30 days or one advertisement for 60 days costs 2 x 180 €, that are 360 € excl. VAT.
  3. Four advertisements for 30 days or two advertisements for 60 days cost 4 x 160 €, that are 640 € excl. VAT.
  4. Six advertisements for 30 days or two advertisements for 90 days cost 6 x 140 €, that are 840 € excl. VAT.

Do you have further questions about our advertising offer? Then please send us an email to  career-service@uibk.ac.at


» KarriereGipfel/Career-Summit: Prices & Services

Would you like to participate as an exhibitor in the exclusive and target group-specific Career Summit of the University of Innsbruck?

As a career service of the largest university in western Austria, our goal is to strengthen the business location. Therefore, small and medium-sized companies (up to 249 employees) profite from an attractive price model for the annual career fair "KarriereGipfel" and are given the same conditions of participation as large companies.

The KarriereGipfel

  • presents various companies at the respective university campus
  • enables you to get to know interesting industries, professional fields and activities
  • and to establish personal contacts

Registration / Online-Booking

Be part of the KarriereGipfel and send us quickly and easily your

» Online-Booking-Request


1. Day of the fair

  • Standard exhibition area 3x2m (6m²)
  • Furnishing for the area: a high table and two bar stools; power supply
  • Exhibition time for the upcoming event will be published in time

The "IT&TECHNIK" day of the fair has been subject to several innovations this year - including a new name "Tech Day". For further information please contact us by email at   karrieregipfel@uibk.ac.at .

2. Media

3. Additional Services


All prices given are plus 20 % value added tax.

Company Size Number Of Employees In The Company Package Price Net
Micro-Size Companies bis 9 € 500,-
Small-Size Companies 10-49 € 1.000,-
Middle-Size Companies 50 - 249 € 2.000,-
Large-Size Companies ab 250 € 3.000,-

Further Conditions

  • Early bird discount of 15 % on the 1st day of the fair for bookings until 31.03. (limited availability)
  • Special discount of 50 % on each additional day booked
  • For partner companies of the University of Innsbruck (e.g. endowed professorship or research networks) further discounts are possible after consultation. Please inform us about the type of cooperation and internal partners by e-mail to

An accumulation of discounts is excluded.

For further questions about our services and conditions please contact us at  karrieregipfel@uibk.ac.at


» Partnership For Applied Thesis

Are you handling with interesting questions in your company's daily working and searching for new and innovative solutions to answer them?

If so, you could make these problems available for students of the University of Innsbruck for their final theses. Therefore please make an "X" in the appropriate box at the end of the online form "Register your company/ create company profile". By doing so, you signal that your company is interested to get in contact.

We will not charge you for registering your user and company profile.

If students are interested in your company profile, they will contact you. And as soon as the students will find a suitable scientific support for the research question, the project can start.

This function offers you a further opportunity to get to know potential young researchers and furthermore to collaborate with excellent research partners at the University of Innsbruck.

» List of Company-Profiles at the University of Innsbruck


» Newsletter-Article

Are you interested in sending us an article for one of our next Career Service Newsletter?

The article you submit can be of an editorial nature or refer to a specific job or internship advertisement that is currently published in the Career Service Portal.

Please send us the necessary information and documents for the article by email to  career-service@uibk.ac.at

Please note our

» Guidelines for publication (in German)

» Registration for the Career Service Newsletter


» Scientific Career-Service

"The power of words" - Do you receive applications from the same group of people over and over again?

Our cooperation partner, Prof. Brandl, Chair for Human Resources Management at the University of Innsbruck, has developed a method to deal with this problem.

You can obtain more information on this topic by sending us an inquiry to  Career-Service@uibk.ac.at


» Partnership

You would like to become our partner?
We are looking forward to a personal conversation.

Please contact us under:

 +43 (0)512 507 32207


» General Terms And Conditions (AGB in German)

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