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2021 PES

Learn as you work

The Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme gives high-achieving university graduates the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience in the multicultural environments of the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office. Apply in one of the following areas:

    • Science and Engineering
    • Law
    • IP & Knowledge Management
    • International Relations & Communication
    • Information Technology
  • Economics & Business Administration
  • Human Resources

Application to get shortlisted until Monday, the 27th Febuary 2023 to:

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  Offizial Website EUIPO

  Official Website EPO


  The Pan-European-Seal Programme - EPO

  The Pan-European-Seal Programme - EUIPO


   Frequently Asked Questions - EPO

   Frequently Asked Questions - EUIPO

Be aware of the differences between the EPO and the EUIPO:


  • The technical areas of interest for 2023– 2024 edition.
  • The documents to be submitted by graduates when applying, and the differing deadlines in which to complete the required e-learning courses.
  • The monthly financial support for selected trainees.


Good Luck!



  • Candidates must be shortlisted by the University of Innsbruck
  • Therefore send your CV and Motivation letter per E-Mail to: - Deadline: 27th Febuary 2023
  • Only online applications of the shortlisted candidates will be considered by the EPO and EUIPO
  • Candidates have the choose between an application for the EPO or EUIPO 


  • CV in English in Europass Word format
  • Motivation letter, indicating a preferred traineeship area and declaring the choice of traineeship location (EUIPO or EPO – not both)
  • Degree/Master diploma or proof of conclusion, indicating the final grade. This can be replaced by a provisional declaration, until final diploma is issued
  • Certificate(s) of completion of at least one of the following courses: “EUTM in a Nutshell” and/or “RCD in a Nutshell” (4h approximately each)
  • To complete the above courses, candidates must create an account of PES user and log in at EUIPO Academy Learning Portal (EALP).


  • EPO - This intro page includes a short description on the procedure and the overview of the five business areas to apply to. By clicking on the desired business area, you will get to the overview page for the specific business area and at the bottom right-hand corner, you will have the “apply now” button taking you then to log-in screen of the online form.
  • EUIPO - This into page includes all relevant information about the application procedure.

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