Tutorial Career- Service Portal

1. Registration of your company

In order to use the internship and job portal of the University of Innsbruck, a 2-step registration procedure is required.

1.1 Creating an account/applying for user identification in the university network

First of all, you need your own user ID of the university, with which you can log in to the portal.


LOGIN Company

» Please note: To navigate to the "Create Account / Registration" page   

The navigation menu that is displayed to the right of the form is NOT relevant for you. Please do not click!

» Note: 1 user ID per company   

Please keep in mind that each company receives only one Uni-User ID. If several people in your company are responsible for the administration of your company profile and the placement of your advertisements, it is advisable to use a neutral password, which can be passed on and shared.


  1. You complete the input for the registration of the university user ID by clicking on "Account erstellen" (engl. create account) in the form below.
  2. Afterwards the window "2. Account aktivieren" (engl. activate account) of the form will show you to which e-mail address the Aktivierungslink (engl. activation link) was sent.
  3. You have received an e-mail from "zid-iam@uibk.ac.at" with the subject "User registration".
  4. Then click on the activation link for your user ID (e.g. "https://accounts.uibk.ac.at/registration/activate/92faa531-0630-......).
  5. ">https://accounts.uibk.ac.at/registration/activate/92faa531-0630-......).
  6. Afterwards, the user ID for the LOGIN to the portal will be displayed in the window "3. Anmelden zum Service" (engl. Login to Service).
  7. You will also receive an e-mail from "zid-iam@uibk.ac.at" with the subject "Aktivierung"(engl. activation) containing your user ID.

» NOTE: please keep the user ID 

You will need the user ID for all transactions such as publishing internships and ordering and entering paid advertisements in the Career Service Portal of the University of Innsbruck. Please keep your user ID and password in a safe place.


  1. In the window "3. Anmelden zum Service" (engl. sign up for the service" click on the button "Anmelden beim Career-Service" (engl.Sign up for the Career Service) below and if the automatic forwarding does not work, please go to » LOGIN Unternehmen"(engl.LOGIN Company).
  2. On the right above the menu item "LOGIN Unternehmen"(engl.LOGIN Company) you will find in orange "Anmelden"(engl. Login).
  3. Enter your new university user ID and password under "Benutzername"(engl. user name) and "Kennwort"(engl. password).

 1.2 Registering a company/creating a company profile

After you have logged on to the portal with your university user ID, you now create a company profile that is linked to your user ID in the second step of your registration.


After a successful LOGIN, the text display in the blue button on the "LOGIN Unternehmen" (engl. LOGIN Company) page changes from "Account erstellen" (engl. create account) to "Unternehmen registrieren"(register company).

  1. By clicking on "Register company" the next window "Bestätigung"(engl. confirmation) opens. There you have to click on the green button.
  2. Please fill in the following input mask with the title "Unternehmen Registrierung"(engl. company registration) with all relevant data of your company for the public company profile.
  3. By entering a direct contact and uploading your Firmenlogo(engl. company label) company logo you personalize your profile. The data can always be changed or updated by clicking the "editieren"( engl. edit) button. It is located to the right of your company name.
  4. At the end of the form, determine whether your company is interested in participating in the  "Abschlussarbeiten"(engl. final theses) of students as a potential partner from the field of practice.
  5. Complete the process by clicking "Absenden"(engl. send).
  6. The Career Service Team will inform you by e-mail when your registration has been activated.
  7. From this point on, the text display in the blue button on the "LOGIN Unternehmen"(engl. login company) page will change from "Unternehmen registrieren"( engl. company registration) to "Mein Unternehmen"(engl. my company) and is directly linked to your company profile.

» NOTE: To the "Personalization URL" data field

Please do not enter a complete URL beginning with "http//:" or "www."

This field determines which extension the URL of the website on which your company profile is published in our portal will have. If you do not make a personalized entry here, the system will assign an automatic identifier.

    • Examples of entries are:" Sample company_ABC" or a "name".
    • Please also do not enter any special characters or spaces.
  • For a blank space, please enter "-".

» NOTE: To the data field "Is a registered company  

For ASSOCIATIONS it applies here that they do not check the box "Ist eine eingetragene Firma"( engl. is a registered company),  so that the field "UID number" (= mandatory field for companies) can be left blank.

In order to be able to send the form successfully, the queries at the end of the form are to be considered for both companies and clubs. Here follows the distinction between optional and required fields:

  • Optional field: Our company offers students the possibility to write their thesis ...
  • Mandatory field: I assure that the company name given ...
  • Required field: I have read the terms and conditions and agree.

» NOTE: To enable  

  • Your company profile will be activated for your use within 1-3 working days.
  • PRACTICA To publish fair and qualified internships independently and free of charge, you have to wait for this activation. After the activation the colour of the button "neues Praktikum"(engl. new internship) changes from grey to blue (= active) and you can start the application. The individual advertisements for internships are checked by the Career Service Team before publication.
  • JOB ADVERTISEMENTS The online ordering of paid job offers can be carried out immediately after the registration is complete. To do this, click on the blue button "Anzeigen kaufen" (engl. buy ads). Your orders will be assigned to you within 1-3 working days as "verbleibende Angebote" (engl. remaining offers). Only after this process the colour of "neues Stellenangebot" (engl. new job offer) will change from grey to blue according to the described scheme and you can place the advertisements online independently and without further checking.
  • PUBLIC VISIBILITY  Please note that as long as you are NOT a designated partner for theses and have NOT advertised an internship or job via an online advertisement, your company profile will not be publicly displayed. This means that if you activate the checkbox for "Abschlussarbeiten" (engl.theses), your company will always be publicly displayed.

 2. Publish online advertisement for job offers

The publication of job offers includes all employment relationships, except fair, qualified and paid internships. This also includes trainee, cork contract/freelancer, working student or marginal employment.


First please send us your online order. To do so, please click on "Anzeigen kaufen" (engl. buy ads). The form must be filled out completely. Pay special attention to a different billing address when entering it.

Please refer to our "Angebote für Unternehmen" (offers for companies) for our current conditions and prices.

Your order will be processed by the Career Service Team within 1-3 working days.

You will receive the invoice by post.

The current status of purchased or available advertisements (e.g. from your current trade fair package) is displayed in your company profile "Mein Unternehmen" (engl. my company) as "verbleibende Angebote" (engl. remaining offers).


Let us presume that you have ordered or bought three advertisements. The possible duration of the advertisements is directly related to the number of your purchased advertisements. An advertisement is valid for 30 days. If you have bought three advertisements, you can either place three advertisements for 30 days each or one advertisement for 60 days and one for 30 days or one advertisement for 90 days etc.

  1. To create the advertisement, please click on "neues Stellenangebot" (engl.new job offer).
  2. The following mask must be filled in with the essential information about the job in accordance with the regulations applicable in Austria. The mask consists of three windows (Inhalte, Kategorisierung, Vorschau) (engl. contents, categorization and preview). When you click on the next window, your previous entries are saved.
  3. The data field "Veröffentlichung ab"(engl. publication from) determines the day from which your advertisement is published or goes online under "Praktikums-und Stellenportal" (engl. Internship and Job Portal)and your company profile. Please always fill in this field with a concrete date.
  4. By choosing "Laufzeit"(30/60/90 days)( engl. duration) you determine the duration of the online publication and counts from the date "Publication from"./
  5. "Bewerbungsfrist dd.MM.yyyy"( engl. application deadline dd.MM.yyyy) refers to the date by which you want all applications to be available.
  6. In the last window "Vorschau"(engl. preview) you will then see a summary of your entries. This is how the advertisement will be published.
  7. With "Absenden" (engl. send) you release the advertisement for publication.
  8. Please note that after publication, changes to this advertisement can be undertaken by the Career Service only.
  9. Click on the "alle anzeigen" (engl. show all) button to display a list of all advertisements. The list includes current, expired, still to be reviewed and future advertisements ("Future/Review") in your Unternehmensprofil (engl. company profile).

2.1 Edit online advertisements


If you want to take a job offline before the advertisement’s expiration date, for example because a suitable candidate has already been found, please click directly on the advertisement in your company profile and then go to the "Beenden" (engl.exit) button. Your advertisement will be deactivated immediately.


The following function enables you to use advertisements that you placed in the past and that are still running or have already expired as a template and put them back online.

Before this processing step, please make sure that you have enough "verbleibende Angebote" (engl. remaining offers) for republication.

You can then start the processing by clicking on "alle anzeigen" (engl. show all). All job advertisements that your company has placed in the past will be displayed. Then select the old ("closed") advertisement that you want to republish in the portal and continue the process by clicking on the "Wieder veröffentlichen" (engl. republish) button provided. Embedded PDFs are not accepted.

3. Publish online advertisements for Traineeships


The publication of qualified and paid internships at fair conditions is free of charge in our internship and job portal. You will find the button "neues Praktikum" (engl. new internship) in the company profile.

You can publish internships in the same way as described under point 2. However, the "Beschäftigungsart" (engl. type of employment) is unchangeably predefined and limited to "Praktikum" (engl. internship).

Therefore every new advertisement for an internship will be checked by the Career Service Team before publication and will be activated within 1-3 working days.


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