Sector: Plastics Technology

superTEX tests building materials and manufacturing technologies in order to determine how well they correspond to modern moulding requirements. One of the results of this work is splineTEX®, an innovative fibre-reinforced plastic composite that makes it possible to create strong, weather-proof moulded mesh structures in different sizes and for different uses.
Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, splineTEX® makes it possible to produce geometric elements without a fixed mould and without using expensive shaping processes. splineTEX® opens up a new world of possibilities when it comes to creating innovative and intelligent structures. This patented technology is used and distributed exclusively by the company superTEX. 

Reference to University of Innsbruck

Institut for Experimental Architecture 


superTEX composites GmbH 
Obermarktstraße 46 
6410 Telfs 
+43 (0) 05262 21465

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