The University of Innsbruck has the following Transfer of Research institutions:
The University of Innsbruck’s investment holding company (Uni Holding) was founded in 2008 as an addition to these successful institutions (projekt.service.büro, transidee and Start Up Tirol GmbH - formerly CAST) that have been active for many years. The Uni Holding offers university spin-offs advice and support through active investment management.
A main focus at the University of Innsbruck is to further develop the transfer of technology from the university to the private economy and to realise partnerships with industry and SMEs based in Tyrol, thereby strengthening the region’s position as a business hub and research centre as well as developing cross-border cooperation.
The Uni Holding’s investment parameters:


- The Uni Holding invests in start-up companies which have been created as spin-offs of the University of Innsbruck.


- These spin-offs are for-profit organisations involving researchers and graduates from the university. The idea behind the company is based on knowledge gained through work carried out at the University of Innsbruck.


- The Uni Holding invests in companies operating in a wide range of different sectors following the IP-strategy of the University of Innsbruck, though technology-oriented and growth-oriented spin-offs are the main focus. Companies in these sectors have been shown to have particularly high levels of innovation, strong business concepts, highly qualified management and staff as well as clear and realistic financing concepts.


- The Uni Holding aims to become a minority stakeholder in the companies it invests in. The duration of the investment depends on the company’s need for support and potential for growth.


- Dividends received by the Uni Holding are invested in research or re-invested in its spin-offs.



The Uni Holding sees itself as notmore than just a financial backer for start-ups. Financial creativity is only one aspect of helping companies grow and develop. If you wish to increase the value of a company in the long term, the main focus must be on optimising operative processes, reducing costs, strengthening competitiveness and, if necessary, re-positioning products. The main aim is to generate sustainable and profitable growth.  


The Uni Holding is a strong, reliable partner to help you realise your company’s goals.

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