Sector: Teledetection and Geoinformatics

GRID-IT specialises in teledetection and geoinformatics. It offers knowledge and solutions for the entire workflow, from data gathering and complex analysis processes to data and information management. GRID-IT supports its customers when it comes to selecting available teledetection data and choosing the correct analysis technique. It also offers solutions for organising large volumes of geodata. A particular area of focus are services and products linked to UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in order to quickly generate and process photo and video material from the air. Photogrammetric analysis techniques make it possible to produce orthophotos and relief models with a definition of just a few centimetres. 

Reference to University of Innsbruck

Institute of Geography


GRID-IT Gesellschaft für angewandte Geoinformatik mbH 
Dr. Hannes Kleindienst 
ICT-Technologiepark, Technikerstr. 21a 
6020 Innsbruck 
+43 (0) 512 507 4860 
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