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Develop your entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise skills – seizing opportunities and seeing them through.


p21 Online Course


Two online courses by the p2i Network are available for postdoctoral researchers who want to learn to innovate and/or to pursue venture creation. Find out more about the courses and how to apply here:


p2i online: Empowering Researchers to Innovate

Ideal for postdocs from any discipline who are:

  • open to learning to think entrepreneurially in academia, in industry and in a start-up;
  • curious about entrepreneurship
  • ready to develop entrepreneurial skills & confidence
  • keen to develop their networks

Further info and the content of this course here:

Postdocs venture: From Science to business

Most suitable for science and technology entrepreneurs who are:

  • ready to take scientific insights or deep tech forward into a business
  • looking for a structured framework and step by step guidance to develop business models for their ideas.

Introductory video:


Currently, the courses run twice a year. Next start date for the courses is 5th October 2020.

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