Antoine Neven, PhD


Room: 2S14 ITP
Phone: +43 512 507 52263
Email: Antoine.Neven[at]

Research group: Quantum Information and Computation: Entanglement Theory and Quantum Information Theory

More Information

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    Publications 2021

    Other Publications

    Electronic Publication, Scientific
    • Vitale, V.; Elben, A.; Kueng, R.; Neven, A.; Carrasco, J.; Kraus, B.; Zoller, P.; Calabrese, B.; Vermersch, B.; Dalmonte, M. (2021): Symmetry-resolved dynamical purification in synthetic quantum matter. (Web link)

    Publications 2020

    Other Publications

    Electronic Publication, Scientific
    • Neven, A.; Gunn, D.; Hebenstreit, M.; Kraus, B. (2020): Local Transformations of Multiple Multipartite States. (Web link)

    Lectures 2020

    Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

    Poster Presentation
    • Lecturer(s): Neven, A.: Towards characterization of LOCC transformations in a multi-state setting.
      International Conference on Quantum Optics 2020, Obergurgl, 2020-02-27. (Web link)

    Lectures 2019

    Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

    Conference Lecture (Invited Lecture)
    • Lecturer(s): Neven, A.: Entanglement transfer using local operations.
      Gemeinsame Jahrestagung von SPG und ÖPG 2019 (Swiss and Austrian Physical Societies), Zürich, 2019-08-27. (Web link)

    Poster Presentation
    • Lecturer(s): Neven, A. Co-author(s): Martin, J.; Bastin, T.: Entanglement robustness against particle loss of multiqubit pure states.
      Austrian Quantum Information Conference 2019, Wien, 2019-10-31. (Web link)

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