MBQC, Learning
and Agency 2022

MBQC, Learning and Agency 2022

In the summer of 2022, our friend and colleague Hans J. Briegel will turn 60. To commemorate this event, we are organising the conference “Measurement based quantum computation, learning, and agency" focusing on diverse yet connected research lines pioneered by Hans.

This conference, on the occasion of Hans' birthday, brings together wonderful speakers, various friends, collaborators and colleagues of Hans Briegel to discuss recent developments in measurement based quantum computing and its applications, in quantum-enhanced and quantum-applied machine learning, and in the fundamental topics in the problem of agency.

Talks (password-protected)


Gemma De las Cuevas (University of Innsbruck), Wolfgang Dür (University of Innsbruck), Robert Raussendorf (University of British Columbia) and Vedran Dunjko (Universiteit Leiden)


Support is provided by FWF BeyondC.


Obergurgl is a charming Austrian village situated in the Alps, about 100 km south west of Innsbruck. It is a popular destination for walking and hiking holidays in summer, and for skiing in winter. The conference will take place at the UIBK Center in Obergurgl, providing comfortable conference and meeting spaces, as well as a fully equipped sauna and relaxing area.