Xtem (Version 8.26)

Running xtem

Xtem is an X11 program that makes it easy to use TeX (incl. editing, previewing, printer selection, printing, spell checking etc.) with a minimum of unix knowledge and no knowledge of the specific installation.

Xtem provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control the following TEX and LATEX facilities:

  • file and directory selection, directory creation
  • editor (xemacs, nedit, vi, emacs, ...) including additional windows for the LATEX-syntax (using hypertext) and examples
  • TEX, LATEX, ...
  • previewer (xdvi, gv, ...)
  • printing (including comfortable printer selection, ...)
  • syntax and spelling check
  • makeindex
  • bibtex
  • Online help is available for all the buttons and windows by simple mouse click.
  • English or German language by choice, other languages may easily be adapted.

Syntax help to the LATEX commands (including complete examples) are presented during editing. The user may easily select and save his preferences (such as editor, previewer etc.).


Running xtem

To start xtem type

% xtem [-l <language>] [<filename[.tex]>]

at the shell prompt. (This assumes that /net/appls/bin is in your search-path). The <language> entry can be:

german | deutsch

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