Opening and Closing Connections

Once you have created a connection file with the appropriate network connection properties set up, you can connect to the Citrix server as follows:

To open a connection

  • Double-click the name of the definition connection you want to open in the Citrix ICA Client window.


  • Alternatively, you can select the name of the connection definition and choose Connect from the Entry menu, or click the Connect button:


This connects to the server specified in the connection file with the user name and password details you have entered in the connection definition. If you have not specified a user name or password in the connection file you are prompted to enter them if they are required.

After a short delay the ICA connection will open in a window on your UNIX workstation.

To log off from a server desktop

  • In WinFrame, choose Log off... from the Windows Program Manager File menu.
  • In MetaFrame for Windows, choose Logoff... from the Start menu, then click Ok.
  • In MetaFrame for UNIX, type ctxlogoff at the command prompt and press Enter.

To close a published application

  • Close the application in the normal way. The ICA session will close automatically.

To quit from the ICA Client application

  • Choose Exit from the Entry menu.
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