Status of the REGULUS Compute Cluster

Date Changes
29th October 2021
Installation of Julia 1.6.3.
27th October 2021
Installation of Devtoolset-9 gcc package (gcc, gcc-c++, gcc-gfortran version 9.1.1-2.5.el6).
4th January 2021
Replace old Intel 8-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone node05 - node08 with new Intel Twenty-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone.
16th December 2020
Replace old Intel 8-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone node01 - node04 with new Intel Twenty-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone.
23rd June 2020
Installation of Matlab (Release 2020a).
24th October 2019
Installation of Matlab (Release 2019b).
10th October 2019
Installation of Julia 1.2.0.
22nd August 2019
Add new Intel Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone with node45 - node48.
21st August 2019
Add new Intel Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone with node41 - node44.
23rd July 2019
Installation of Mathematica 12.0 and Matlab (Release 2019a).
25th February 2019
Installation of Julia 1.1.0.
7th February 2019
Installation of Anaconda3 (2018.12).
30th October 2018
Installation of Matlab (Release 2018b). Versions 9.0 (Release 2016a) and 9.1 (Release 2016b) deleted.
23rd October 2018
Installation of Sun JDK 8u191. Versions 8u91 and 8u101 deleted. Installation of Julia 1.0.1.
12th April 2018
Installation of Matlab (Release 2018a).
11th April 2018
Installation of Mathematica 11.3.
6th March 2018
Installation of Sun JDK 8u161. Versions 8u66 and 8u77 deleted.
30th November 2017
Installation of Julia 0.6.1.
23rd October 2017
Installation of Mathematica 11.2.
20th October 2017
Installation of Matlab (Release 2017b).
21st September 2017
Update CentOS 6.7 packages and kernel for compute nodes to kernel version 2.6.32-573.26.1.
20th September 2017
Postfix installed for compute nodes.
31st May 2017
Installation of Matlab (Release 2017a).
25th April 2017
Replace old AMD node37 - node40 with new Intel Sixteen-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone.
6th April 2017
Replace old AMD node33 - node36 with new Intel Sixteen-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone.
19th January 2017
Installation of Sun JDK 8u121.
5th December 2016
Replace old AMD node29 - node32 with new Intel Ten-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone.
11th October 2016
Installation of Mathematica 11.0.
5th October 2016
Installation of Matlab (Release 2016b) and Sun JDK 8u101.
7th June 2016
Update of master to CentOS 6.8.
2nd June 2016
Installation of Mathematica 10.4.1, version 10.4 deleted.
10th May 2016
Installation of Sun JDK 8u91.
28th April 2016
Installation of Matlab (Release 2016a) and Mathematica 10.4.
31st March 2016
Installation of Sun JDK 8u77.
30th March 2016
Installation of mod_ssl.
27th January 2016
Installation of SuperDoctor5 version 5.2.0.
26th January 2016
Installation of IPMIView version 2.11.0 and IPMICFG version 1.23.0.
14th - 15th January 2016
Update packages and kernel for compute nodes to kernel version 2.6.32-573.12.1.
8th - 11th January 2016
Add old AMD node27 & node28 as node37 & node38 and node29 & node30 as node39 & node40.
17th December 2015
Replace old AMD node25 - node28 with new Intel Eight-Core Xeon Twin²-Serverbarebone. Rename old AMD node25 to node30, node26 to node29.
2nd December 2015
Installation of Mathematica 10.3.
26th November 2015
Installation of nethogs, gtk+, gtk+-devel, glib, glib-devel and xlogmaster.
25th November 2015
Installation of Sun JDK 8u66 and JDK 7u80.
12th November 2015
Configure SoGE: configure Consumables of hosts and Queues; add bigmem.q.
10th November 2015
Installation of OpenMPI v. 1.8.7 for Intel 15.0.
9th November 2015
Installation of bzip2-devel.
4th November 2015
LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM).
3rd November 2015
Storage Command Line Tool.
30th October 2015
Add C++QED module file.
29th October 2015 
Installation of INTEL Paralell Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition (Update 3).
28th October 2015
Installation of cmake, screen, mercurial, boost.
20th October 2015
Installation of compat-gcc-34 C++ and fortran compilers and gnuplot at master. Installation of compat-libf2c-34 at nodes.
19th October 2015
Installation of LAPACK and BLAS libraries at master and nodes.
14th October 2015
Installation of Enthought Canopy Python Distribution 1.5.5.
13th October 2015
Installation of Matlab (Release 2015b).
12th October 2015
Installation of Mathematica 10.2.
12th October 2015
Enable NIS User Accounts at master.
8th October 2015
Installation of Eaton Intelligent Power Protector.
7th - 8th October 2015
Reconfigure the Module Environment at master and nodes.
6th Octoberber 2015
Configure SoGE, enable Resource Quotas (slot limitations) for SoGE and enable qsh at master host.
5th - 7th October 2015
Add/configure status perl scripts to /var/www/cgi-bin.
2nd October 2015
Reconfiguration of Ganglia at master and nodes. Installation of gsl at master and nodes.
1st October 2015
Reconfigure ssh at master, set up NIS User Accounts at master.
30th September 2015
Set up disk quota at xfs file systems /home and /scratch.
29th September 2015
Install/configure autofs, nfs server at master host.
21st September - 9th October 2015
Additional software installation (finger, gsl, nedit, ...)
28th September 2015
OS Update to CentOS 6.7 at master  & all compute nodes by transtec.
23rd September 2015
Tivoli TSM (ADSM) client v.622.
2nd September 2015
Configuration & Software installation with company transtec.
1st September 2015
Delivery and setting up the cluster by company transtec (24 compute nodes with INTEL Xeon E5-2640 v3 processors with 32 cores per node and 12 AMD Opteron processors with 48/64 cores per node, 1 master node with 24 cores).
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