Here we list all publications of group members since the start of the group. 




  • Quantum magic squares: dilations and their limitations. Gemma De las Cuevas, Tom Drescher and Tim Netzer. arXiv:1912.07332
  • Tensor decompositions on simplicial complexes with invariance. Gemma De las Cuevas, Matt Hoogsteder Riera, Tim Netzer. arXiv:1909.01737
  • A generalised ansatz for continuous Matrix Product States. Maria Balanzó-Juandó and Gemma De las Cuevas. arXiv:1908.09761
  • Mixed states in one spatial dimension: decompositions and correspondence with nonnegative matrices. Gemma De las Cuevas and Tim Netzer. arXiv:1907.03664

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