Open positions

The group led by Gemma De las Cuevas at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) is inviting applications to fill 2 PhD and 2 Postdoc positions.

The positions are funded by the START Prize. The goal of the project is to bring together notions of universality in spin physics, computer science, and neural networks - the vision of the project is explained in this essay. For these reasons, candidates should have a background either in physics, theoretical computer science (e.g. automata theory) or machine learning, and should be very motivated. Applications of women are encouraged. Salaries are determined by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). 

Applicants should send their CV, their grades, a short motivation text, and the names of 2 references to at their earliest convenience. Positions will be open until they are filled.

Update (Oct 7, 2020): It may take months or years to fill these positions. If you are interested in applying but are planning to finish your M.Sc., PhD or PostDoc next year, please write me an email and equire about the possibilities.


Certain spin models are universal, meaning that they contain all other models when seen in the appropriate light. Similar notions of universality appear in automata theory and neural networks (and beyond). We want to find out their relation and explore the consequences - for example, for undecidability.   

Last update: Oct 7, 2020

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